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There has been a prolific production of text, didactic tools and pedagogical strategies to improve the “learning of Indigenous Languages” and to contextualize the curricular contents to the cultural semiotic of students who have an indigenous origin. However what has to be revised is not in the list. Schools continue to teach the same hegemonic history and contents that historically have contribute to deny the autonomous existance of Indigenous People and on the contrary has subjected them to live and be ruled by a foreign nation-state; to know the history that is the history of the colonizer and its project of civilization and progress. But this is not all, we can continue to look at ...view middle of the document...

The point is that the IPBE does not bring any possibility to change the habitus(es) that inhabit(s) in the field of schooling, therefore, any possibility to transform the underlying relations that perpetuate the structure, rather the IPBE has the contrary effect, it reproduces the marginal position that within the hegemonic society have Indigenous Peoples and deepens it. The high culture that is described by Bourdieu is not threatened or undergoes a transformation, it is reinforced by the spurious intentions of inclusion of subjects that are not members.

What is the rationale that underlies the IPBE? At the beginning of this paper I pointed out the IPBE as one element that is part of a bigger complex of policies enacted from the State towards the Indigenous Peoples in Chile in order to mainten the social structure and the relations of power that cross the Chilean society. The reason that drive me to think about it in this way have been exposed. I see in the IPBE the possibility to create, in Gramscian terms, a consent, that would allow to reproduce the hierarchy of knowledge that underpin the Chilean society and the positions of power that occupy the traditional elites. Thus the IPBE is neccesary to contain the dismemberment that produces the continous denial that experiences the non-hegemonic subjects. Why it...

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