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Intercultural Barriers Essay

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Intercultural communication occurs when individuals or groups from different cultures communicate. The transactional process of listening and responding to people from a different cultural background can be challenging. In this paper I am going to address the movie Crash and analyze the intercultural barriers and diversity issues presented in the movie.The movie Crash was written and directed by Paul Haggis and originally debuted in 2004. The movie then went on to win three Oscars: Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Editing of 2005 at the 78th Academy Awards. The idea behind the film is that we meet several different characters in several different walks of life, and as their ...view middle of the document...

The ownereventually makes the decision to sell Dorri the gun, rather than her father.In the next scene, Daniel Ruiz replaces a woman's locks at her home; the next day the womaninsist the locks be changed again because she fears that Daniel kept an extra copy of her newhouse key. Daniel faces discrimination from this woman and society because he looks likea gangbanger, when he is actually a devoted family man.Each of these scenes from the film contains the intercultural barriers of stereotyping andprejudice. The gun shop owner and the woman who changed the locks in her home judgedFarhad and Daniel based on their physical appearance. The gun shop owner immediatelyassumed that Farhad was a terrorist because of the color of his skin. His error in judgmentresulted in conflict that could have otherwise been avoided. The woman who changed her locksassumed Daniel was a criminal who would potentially break into her home because hisappearance was not as "high class" as she would have liked. Her ignorance results in coming outof pocket for another locksmith expense. Despite the negative encounters these characters faced,there are ways to prevent the situation.There are intercultural communication strategies that would, if applied by the characters, allow for better communication. Although identifying the causes of misunderstanding is a good initial step to becoming intercultural competent, most people need help with specific strategies to help them overcome these barriers. The first step is to seek information about someone's culture and learn about the culture's world view. The second step is to ask questions and listen which will reduce uncertainty by asking for clarification and listening to the answer. The third step is to develop a third culture and create a common ground amongst each other.Intercultural Barriers 4In addition, improving intercultural competence develops motivation to accept others. There are three strategies that help improve acceptance and appreciation of those who differ from us: Tolerate ambiguity, take time and except uncertainty; develop mindfulness, be conscious of cultural differences, rather than ignoring the differences; and avoid negative judgments of others, resist thinking that your own culture has all the answers. Developing skills to adapt to others will also improve intercultural competence. An individual can become flexible and learn to "go...

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