Intercultural Communication Affect Essentialism Essay

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Today, cultures are one of the most common discussed topics among societies from different backgrounds. People from different cultures and ethnics interact with each other and formed intercultural communication. Intercultural communication is a mixture of different groups and people from different culture backgrounds by communicating with each other. Culture is part of the intercultural communication that includes the study of humanities. For example, the study of media, culture and communication can be centralised as an important research study of humanities. However there are issues surrounding the intercultural communication in most of the sports articles from magazines especially football. Stereotypes, cultural languages and the representations of national identity are the effects of essentialism.

The representation of media in football articles are covered extensively, writers and journalists giving their opinions to certain perspectives. Nationalities and races are linked to their physical characteristics, qualities, personality types and beliefs. Stereotypes consisted a group of people who assumed the representations regarding other people’s personalities and characteristics (Holliday, Hyde, and Kullman 2006, 126). The stereotyping method that is being used in football articles in magazines are designated between the player’s genders and the male referees’ decisions about aggression in football. Male players usually played rougher matches compared to female players. For example, male players committed many fouls and tackles on their opponents. Referees are concerned with aggression because they are enforcing the rules of every match. Sometimes referees have their own ways of controlling the matches by implementing their own rules during derbies and ultimate matches. Referees usually penalise the black players more often because they are considered the more aggressive ones. Male players tend to have more aggressions compared to women players by arguing with the referees and had fights and tussles with the opponents or match officials. Thus, male, female football players and referees do not act in the same way concerning aggressive behaviours as the gender stereotypes will be a concerning conflict among athletes.

Next, culture language is a formed implementing the cultural diversities and intercultural communication by using different types of languages. Language is important in cultural diversities due to the different types of ethnics and races (Robertson 1998, 445). In media representation of football magazines, the language is being synchronised with the football culture to attract and entertain readers about the articles. Writers usually used the slangs that sometimes offended the players and readers. A meaning of a word has different interpretations and reactions for other types of languages. For example, the word chocolate, it may refer to a...

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