Intercultural Communication Comparing Sydney Suburbs Double Bay And Auburn

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The Sydney suburbs of Auburn and Double Bay are different societies culturally, economically, racially and this was easily seen in a comparison between the two.The most obvious differences between the two suburbs are found through cultural observations. Auburn City Council's slogan is "many cultures, one community" and the reason for this is immediately evident when walking down the suburbs main street. Shops line the street selling foods and products from many different cultures, the main being Australian, Turkish, Arabic and Asian. Young Muslim families wonder up the street, a considerable number of mothers, daughters and women wearing the hijab and in conservative clothing. This is a ...view middle of the document...

There was not one full family in site and the street was in fact almost empty, not lined with people as in Auburn. The occasional middle aged woman was browsing the shops or out for coffee with a friend and one or two young men in suits walking with a definite purpose.Auburn Street was plastered with posters and signs, most written in Turkish in a disorganised fashion and shops are crowded to the brim with items. I could not read what most of the posters were advertising, an example of a barrier of communication due to my lack of language knowledge. An incredible amount of the English signs were advertising overseas calls, mainly to Middle Eastern countries, for cheap prices. This reflects the large percentage of the migrant population and people with family and friends overseas in the Middle East.In Double Bay there were no posters or bills advertising anything and the shops were all neat, clean and almost empty. This reflects the wealth of the shop owners and the expensive of each individual item. All shop names were in English, except a few 'fashionable' shops whose names were in French.Newspapers from all over the world were available in the Auburn newsagents, for example the Middle East Herald and papers from Iran, Brazil. The papers on display in Double Bay were Sydney Papers and the international ones were all in a small bookcase examples being from New Zealand, Ireland, France and Italy and this reflects the dominate European culture.The wealth of the suburbs is also easily visible in not only house and rental prices but shop prices and people's clothes and cars. Price tags are abundant in Auburn and are proudly displayed in windows and all through the shops due to low prices where as in Double Bay prices must be asked for or are written in tiny numbers hidden in the clothes tags to hide the expense.An example of the great difference in prices is seen in the price of wholemeal bread in Auburn compared to Double bay- $1.70 to $4.00 respectively, of half price lingerie of Auburn, $7 and half price lingerie of Double Bay, $130, and men's hair cuts of Auburn, $8, to those of Double Bay, $60. The wealth of the area is also seen in the types of average cars in Auburn- mainly being old 80s/90s model Toyotas and Holdens in the style of 4 door or van compared to those of Double Bay- new modern BMW, Jaguars, Audis, Mercedes, Voltswagon etc. The businesses of Auburn main street demonstrated a very different society to that of Double Bay. Businesses in view in Double Bay were lawyers, accountants, "wealth clubs", and real estate and expensive hotels. There were also many real estate agents in Auburn, and family health and planning clinics. Two businesses that stood out were the S.T.A.R.T.T.S (Service for the Treatment And Rehabilitation of Torture and...

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