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Intercultural Communication Literature Essay

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Cross-cultural communication is a field of study that looks at how people from different cultural backgrounds communicate, in similar and different ways among themselves, and how they endeavor to communicate across cultures.
Nowadays, in order to achieve effective communication it is important to understand that people of different cultures, nationalities, races and religions are really different people, which have special style of life, worldview, world perception and vision of the essence. Sometimes misunderstandings, which take place in the world as a result of ineffective communication, can lead to dangerous events, which are very often even politically motivated.
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We should try to understand the specific of this culture.
The problem of cross-cultural communication was actual at all times.
Even in literature we can face the issue of cross-cultural communication, for instance, such opus magnum is “ TarasBulba”, which was written by Nicolay Gogol includes the problem of cross-cultural communication and events of war with Pollacks, love story between man and women and love of country, which interpret this issue.
Gogol sees the sound, positive start, breadth of nature, talent and integrity in people, in its heroic past.
" TarasBulba" story tells the reader about the Ukrainian people struggle with the Polish gentry. Opposition of two absolutely different cultures is shown in the novelette. Broad epic picture of this struggle had defined the patriotic pathos of the story.
In his work Gogol showed the ties of friendship uniting two fraternal peoples - Russian and Ukrainian - in their common historical destiny. Just pay attention that writer demonstrated two options of cross-cultural communication, in the case of Russian and Ukrainian people is shown positively. Concerning the relationship between Polacks and Ukrainian it is brightly demonstrated that negative cross-cultural communication takes place because of that fact misunderstandings and that fact that these two nations are contrary different. So, the result of such communication as we see is war.
The result of negative cross-cultural is completely demonstrated from the war point of view. It is no mere chance that the writer speaks of the Cossacks with " Russian power": Cossacks for him - are natives of the Russian principalities, slaves who escaped from their masters and united on a new basis for the struggle for independence. So, in terms of this story toy see that being fraternal, having similarities in two cultures leads to effective communication between these two cultures.
I suppose that these similarities are explained with that fact that Cossacks and Russians conceive themselves as a united nation, what cannot be said about Cossacks relationship with Polacks.
Hesitation is not extrinsic feature for Taras, he always knows his goal; he sees his duty in perfect service to his native land, hence the origins of his fearlessness and courage.
"Rude rectilinear temper of TarasBulba is opposed to Polish gentry effeminacy Polish and those representatives of the Cossacks, who takes over its habits. So, at this example you can see the difference of life style between these two cultures, each of which, especially Cossacks vision of life is not up to par for each other.
It can be also noted that taking over of something new from polish culture was equal to treason. It also be seen in love between young Cossack and Pole. Andry sells country, his farther, brother and all Cossacks for love.
Of course, such act on the part of Cossack would not be got away with murder and...

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