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Intercultural Communication In The Workplace Communication Has A Significant Role In Our Daily Life And By Communicating, People Are Able To Convey, Understand, And Process Messages

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Intercultural Communication in the WorkplaceRenee HobgoodUniversity of PhoenixIntercultural Communication in the WorkplaceCommunication has a significant role in our daily life and by communicating, people are able to convey, understand, and process messages. In general, people can communicate through two different methods, which are verbal and non-verbal. Clearly, people naturally need to communication in order to connect with each other regardless of the methods used. Therefore, having good communication skills can benefit individuals to generate effective and efficient communication that consequently can lead to and improve productivity. For example, people who work in the professional services help to have excellent communication skills is essential, considering through communication, not only provide the opportunity to speak with the clients, but to understand and get a clear picture of the problem or situation as well. By having, a clear picture of the client's problems will enable the professional helper in finding the right techniques, methods, and information to use in helping client dealing with their problem. Evidently, communication plays an important role in communicating, providing effective help or service; however, on the other hand, lack of communication can hold the process of receiving and obtaining necessary help, service, or being able to communicate with others. Therefore, what are some of the barriers in communication that prevent individual capability to interact or receiving help?The United States of America is considered to have a diverse population. For many different reasons, people from all over the world come to the United States with their dreams and goals in life. With their dreams and goals, they also bring various languages, religions, unique culture, and traditions. Unfortunately, with different languages, religions, unique culture, and traditions has created issues and barriers that prevent some individuals from to interact or obtaining necessary assistant. Without doubt, individuals can benefit from verbal and non-verbal methods of communication in order to interact with each other. Unfortunately, using the non-verbal communication, which in general can be referred to as facial expression, gesture, and body language can be as problematic as using the verbal communication. For example, an Australian police officer for failing to signal before turning stopped an American couple. Understanding, that the American couple was tourists, the officer gave them a friendly warning. Relieved, the American man responded by smiling and giving the thumbs-up sign that unfortunately, made the policeman became enraged, ordered the couple out of the car, searched the car in addition to gave an expensive ticket. Later that day, the couple found out that the American gesture signifying "great" has disastrous means in Australia as "screw you" (Axtell, 1997).This example illustrates...

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