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Intercultural Communication Through The Internet Essay

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Since the last ten years, emotional intelligence is becoming lower in the world because people are getting used to meet people through the internet instead of going out. Staying home is more convenient and the outcome becomes more and more visible. People get out of the habit of nonverbal communication and rhetorical sophistry, like irony or sarcasm, are not adequate to communicate through the internet. The most important problem is that nonverbal communication makes up over 90 percent of all communication. Gestures and mimics can’t be seen over the internet and emoticons can just be used to show a few basic expressions. Otherwise, the internet gives opportunities to communicate with some nonverbal communication by providing the potential to make video conferences all over the world. Video conferences can’t replace face-to-face communication, but in our global world the internet may lead to more commonality in global thinking. The international business environment has changed rapidly in the growing global markets. Most companies not only operate in their domestic market; they also operate in foreign business markets where they have to struggle with different languages and cultures. The most challenging problems are the differences within intercultural communication. Therefore, the internet helps the companies to deal successfully with these challenges and gives the opportunities to be ‘global’. The threat for the private sector is coeval an opportunity for the business sector. Instant messaging and calling worldwide are benefits of the internet and additionally new technologies enable companies to make huge video conferences where non-verbal communication becomes possible all over the world. Mimic and gestures become visible in negotiations, meetings and reports all over the world. I worked for a company in Germany, which is one of the leading international companies in producing pharmaceuticals, the Bayer HealthCare AG. I worked in the global controlling of Bayer and we had frequent videoconferences with departments all over the world and several smaller videoconferences during the common work week. These videoconferences had 5 up to 30 participants and were screened like we all are sitting on one large table. However, in global business are more than these few different cultures we had to deal with. The employees still have to learn to adapt intercultural communication, but these opportunities make the world smaller or rather tangible. Proper understanding and training in using and receiving nonverbal communication over the internet can decrease intercultural barriers, decrease intercultural misunderstandings, and lead to more commonality in global thinking.

Intercultural communication becomes more and more important today. Globalization became one of the key facts in our industrial life, in the politics of most countries and as well globalization became a part of our personal life. One main reason for globalization and its increasing...

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