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The advice that Peter Meinke gave to his son, Tim, is very wise advice. The approach that Peter took was admirable. This poem gives very important life lessons. Peter used a series of metaphors to get his message across to his son. The metaphors Peter uses enhance the poem and make it more enjoyable to read.
The first advice that Peter gave to Tim was, “live your days as if each one may be your last”, then he went on to say, “Plan long range”. This is great advice to give to a young man. For a young man to be successful, he has to know to be smart and take chances. A man does not want to live his life afraid and this piece of advice that Peter gave to his son words that concept perfectly. He wants Tim to live his life, enjoying every second of it. At the same time, Peter does not want him to make any bad decisions for temporary satisfaction that would cause problems in the future. In other words, Peter is teaching Tim to enjoy every moment of life but keep the future in mind at all times.
He does not forget to let his son know how precious life is and the years go by slowly. Peter lets Tim know that he is not immortal. Peter then states two ways that young men can die. He says, “For they go slow; if you survive the shattered windshield and the bursting shell”. This line is significant because it gives Peter’s son more words of wisdom but at the same time, gives the reader an idea of the setting. The key words are the “bursting shell”, they refers to a gun. Peter mentions the shattering windshield, which refers to a car accident. Car accidents have been common killers for decades, especially among young people. Peter writing the bursting shell (which is not a very common way for young men dying) next to the shattering windshield, (probably the most common way for young men to die) lets the reader know that he is writing in a time of war. In a time of war, the bursting shell would be the number one killer of young men.
The next few lines can show the love that Peter has for his son. He wrote, “You will arrive, at...

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