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Intercultural Communications in the WorkplaceIntercultural communications in the workplace is made up of people of different backgrounds, ethnic groups and genders. Whenever you have different races of people working together, you will always have difference of opinions. My paper talks about a communication issues I had with a co-worker. There seem to have been a problem between our age, gender and beliefs.The problem I had was trying to communicate with someone a lot younger and set in his ways. First, let's get to know Jeremy Williams. Jeremy was 19 years old, very loud and noisy. He insisted on playing Rapp music with unmentionable vulgar languages. The music was dirty and I felt he should listen to Rapp music at home or in the car. I tried very hard to ignore the music and all the horse playing on a daily basis. After countless attempts to communicate with Jeremy, I decided to talk to the shop owner. My boss was the sort of person that enjoyed a lot of thing going on at one time. He seemed to work around Jeremy and some others, who I felt, was hurting the shop business and mines. So I went to Mr. Clarence and talked to him concerning the problem I was having with Jeremy. I told him about the loudness and nastiness of the music. I asked him to ask Jeremy to lower his music in the shop. Also, I asked Mr. Clarence repeatedly to talk with Jeremy. Mr. Clarence said he would speak to him, but it seems like, the more he talked to Jeremy the louder the music seem to become. So this went on and on, and Jeremy didn't seem to let it bother him at all.Mr. Clarence was a good person and I believe he had good intentions. It just seems he tried to satisfy everyone and everybody. Mr. Clarence talked and talked to Jeremy until I got blue in the face. Even though he talked to Jeremy it went on for weeks and weeks. Jeremy was a spoiled brat trying to fit in a working environment. I thought as an employee that we should not have to put up with such nonsense. I work in the hair care industry; you have to put up with a lot of different class or groups of people. One thing I can say about Jeremy is that he was not disrespectful to his elders. Jeremy and I had a real friendly working relationship. The problem I had with Jeremy was his lack of consideration for his co-workers. The loud music was the way he chose to portray himself. I tolerated his actions as much as I possible could.One day I went to Jeremy and I asked him to lower his music, because I had a customer who was a senior citizen. Jeremy didn't get upset or say nothing negative, but he never attempted to change the volume on the radio. So I asked Jeremy if I could please speak with him on the outside .After talking with Jeremy, I came to the conclusion that he wasn't going to be disrespectable, but at the same time he was not going to stop. This went on and on, and I was getting frustrated with the situation. So I went back to Mr. Clarence and asked if he could move my station from around Jeremy's...

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Intercultural Communication Essay

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Intercultural Communications Essay

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