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The developmental stage of intercultural sensitivity that best fits me at this point in my life is the one listed as number five, Adaptation. I feel this way because I can evaluate other's behavior from their frame of reference in most instances, and can adapt my behavior to fit the norms of their culture, if needed. I am a very flexible person when it comes to cultural values. I know what I value, but I also know that the things I value are not always the same as other cultures. I can easily and quickly adapt to others needs in most situations. I think that being able to do this will help me tremendously in dealing with parents from different cultures. I think it will show them that I have a respect for them and their way of life, and will encourage them to be more respectful when dealing with me. I think that respect is a big issue with almost all cultures and I want to make sure that I am always treating others with respect. I also would not want parents to feel uncomfortable talking to me about any issue that they may be having.The main reason I see myself in the adaptation stage is that I have grown up working with and playing with and dealing on a daily basis with people from different cultures. I wouldn't say that I could integrate with any other culture completely, but I am able to adapt to their ways of doing things at least for small periods of time when needed. I was never really in the denial stage because I have always know that there are cultural differences in people, and I am able to recognize them fairly quickly. Also I have never really looked at the difference in a negative view. I've just thought that they were different and that is what makes them special. Each culture is unique in their own way and I think that is part of what makes the world so great. There was a point in time when I thought that my cultural view were superior, but I was pretty young then, and wasn't really mature enough to know the importance of all cultural differences. About the same time that I got through the minimization stage I also overcame the acceptance stage. I learned that what is ok to my family and culture can be overly offensive to others, and that...

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