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Interest Group Essay

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Group Identity
When I looked over the list of possible interest groups that I could choose from Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA) automatically stood out to me. I chose this interest group because my major is Physical Therapy and I figured it would be interesting to track this semester because of the changes currently happening in health care right now. I had never heard of this interest group before so I had to find their website. When I started searching for it I had some difficulty finding it because another interest group kept coming up called America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). I kept looking at it and found out that HIAA had merged with American Association of Health Plans (AAHP) to form America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). America's Health Insurance Plan's URL is that they use to post updates.
America's Health Insurance Plan helps unite everything in health care. By uniting doctors, patients, pharmacists, and everything else in today's health care America's Health Insurance Plan helps make everything run smoother. Since I began looking through America's Health Insurance Plan's website in places such as their Who We Are and Our Value links I have been very impressed with what they are trying to do. AHIP is making it easier to stay in good health by making health care more affordable and safe. The big political issue with health care right now is the Affordable Care Act or as some call it ObamaCare. AHIP supports coverage to millions of Americans that the Affordable Care Act brings, but they also believe that it raises costs of insurance and causes many problems. The AHIP is a very important interest group that I did not even know about. I do like their goals and the direction they want America's health care system to go in.
Member Demographics
America's Health Insurance Plans has helped health care become more affordable for more than 200 million Americans. AHIP has over 1,300 member companies that supply the 200 million Americans with their insurance. I did not find any specific demographics, but I felt like a majority of the members are probably older with a background in the medical field or health insurance that want to improve how things are done.
Dues and Qualifications
I was pretty...

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