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Interest Groups Unicef Essay

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It is the winter of 1946. Thousands of children in Europe and other parts of the world are starving, cold, and sick. They have very little food and clothing to stay healthy. It is a very sad time, a time when these children saw no hope and thought they would never survive. They prayed with their parents each night for a miracle. In the beginning of December, the wishes of many were granted. The United Nations developed an organization that would last throughout the rest of the twentieth century, and continue through the twenty first century as far as time would allow.Much of the world was left war-torn after the World War Two. In Europe and Asia especially, children were left sick, starving, and cold. UNICEF was created to curb the effects of the war on children and women."Its full name was the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund.In 1950, its mandate was broadened to address the long-term needs of children and women in developing countries everywhere. UNICEF became a permanent part of the United Nations system in 1953, when its name was shortened to the United Nations Children's Fund. However, UNICEF retained its original acronym" (1).They provided food, clothing, and healthcare to fight famine and disease. Since December of 1946, UNICEF has raised billions of dollars to ensure the safety of children around the world. In the year 2002 alone, UNICEF raised $1,273 million. Ninety three percent of this amount went to children around the world. Many different people are able to be a part of UNICEF, including Goodwill ambassadors, supporters, staff, and young leaders around the world. Together, there are over seven thousand people that work for UNICEF in one hundred and fifty-eight countries. UNICEF is an inter-governmental organization (IGO) working to ensure the rights of every child and make sure they are safe and healthy. Girls' education is promoted by UNICEF; they complete at least primary education, and can go on to secondary education if they want to. Educated girls "grow up to be better thinkers, better citizens, and better parents to their own children" (1). Children are also given vaccines against common diseases so that no child dies of a disease that was treatable. They also work to fight against HIV/AIDS and keep people with the disease from spreading it to others, while at the same time enabling them to live their life with respect and dignity. UNICEF has done many great things for children and women since 1946, and started an interest group that won them a Nobel Peace Prize in 1965 for the "promotion of brotherhood among nations" and was the first to have a session exclusively for children, including them as delegates.The United Nations' Children's Fund is both a special and public interest group with...

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