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The novelty of Andrew's metal detector was never far from Luke's mind either. Imagine finding gold! There had been a gold rush in this area two hundred years earlier-maybe there was something left.
Shortly after breakfast on the first day, Luke and Andrew made their bid for freedom supported by a carefully packed lunch, drinks ('don't forget your hats and take a jacket') and the metal detector.
Yes, life in the bush was fine. No parents, no irritating cousins and a decent-sized cave…
A CAVE? Who needed a map?
The entrance to the cave was partly obscured by enormous boulders and they would have passed it by unnoticed if they hadn't been following the beeping of the metal detector which led them to the entrance. Heavy river sand was heaped on the cave floor and their feet punctuated the silt in deep prints. Luke's torch flicked over another set of prints further ahead. Very recent prints-the sides still well-defined-very large boot prints. A light glimmered deeper in the cave and they could hear the low rumble of voices. Adult voices. Big boot voices.

3 ICAS English Practice Questions Paper E © EAA
1. In the first paragraph Luke's attitude towards the family camping trip can be described as one of
(A) exasperation. (B) indifference. (C) resignation. (D) complacency.
2. In the first paragraph what is the purpose of placing the quotations in brackets?
(A) to highlight the attractions of the camp site (B) to relate a conversation between Andrew and Luke (C) to refer to previous comments made by Luke's parents (D) to indicate the writer's thoughts about actions occurring in the story
3. Why was Luke NOT looking forward to the family holiday?
(A) There would be no one else his age to talk to. (B) He did not enjoy the company of his relatives. (C) None of his school friends had wanted to go with him. (D) The only activity he would be allowed to do would be fishing.
4. Why is the word 'CAVE' written in capital letters?
(A) to show that Luke and Andrew shouted (B) to indicate the amazement that Luke and Andrew felt (C) to highlight that Luke and Andrew's voices were echoing (D) to warn the reader that Luke and Andrew were in danger
5. The word 'scored', as it is used in the text, refers to
(A) the creation of patterns of gullies and rivers. (B) the method of drawing a map of the river system. (C) the large number of rivers and small streams in the area. (D) the way the rivers and small streams shaped the gullies.
6. Based on information in the text, Luke's parents may be described as
(A) cautious. (B) ignorant. (C) arrogant. (D) strict.
7. At which point in the text does the writer set up a change in mood?
(A) 'Luke and Andrew made their bid for freedom' (B) 'Yes, life in the bush was fine.' (C) 'their feet punctuated the silt' (D) 'very large boot prints'

ICAS English Practice Questions Paper E © EAA 4
For questions 8 to 10 read Monkeys and choose the best option.
Monkeys are separated into two groups: Old World monkeys such as...

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