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Interesting Person Essay

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To be interesting is good but to be inspiring is great. Justin is an inspiring young man. He touches people’s lives every day. He makes everyone around him aspire to become better people. Justin has been through a great deal in his life, but through all of the tragedy he found himself. Now, Justin travels the world spreading God's word and love. Justin teaches us that no matter how hard life can be, at times there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
In the spring of 2007 Covenant Christian Academy lost funding and had to close its doors. This was when Justin was transitioning to 7th grade. So, Justin’s family had to send him to public school. Middle school is a hard transition regardless without the added stress of going from private school to public school. Justin was accustomed to small classes with children who loved and worshipped God. When Justin arrived at Granite Falls Middle School he was scared. He went through the ...view middle of the document...

Justin became a caliginous person. He disrespected his parents and would stay out all hours of the night. Justin owed many people money. They would show up to his house while his parents were home and threaten their lives if they did not receive the money justin owed. Justin’s father ended up having to pay off Justin's drug debts. One day, Justin’s father had enough and told him to leave. His
father could not have that kind of poison in their home. Justin moved in with Nathan. They got into drugs and alcohol. They would sell drugs from their house and get drunk every night. They even broke into someone's house to steal things to pawn for more drugs and alcohol. Justin was arrested. His father came to bail him out. They had a heart to heart and Justin agreed to go to an Eddy James sermon. At the sermon, kids ages 15 to 20 shared their stories of how they too went down the wrong path but God brought them out of it. That night Justin was saved. The Lord came into his life for the better.
Now, Justin travels the world singing and praising God with Eddie James Ministries. Eddie James travels the world changing lives by teaching God's word through music a praise. Currently, he travels with forty young teens including Justin. Justin gets to travel and see the world while spreading Gods word. He tells his story of how he went down the wrong path and now he can safely say he is a man of God. Eddie James Ministries saves the lives of teens going through tough times and have strayed away from the right path. Justin tells teens his age about the power of God’s love and what it has done in his life. He travels overseas as a missionary spreading God’s word. Justin shows, by sharing his hardships, that even at the lowest point in his life God forgave him and now he is a new man.
Justin is not only interesting but he is also inspiring. He moves people to improve their lives. Yes, his life had some bumps in the road. Doesn’t everyone’s? Justin turned his life around for the better. Now, he is a child of God. Even in his darkest days God forgave him for his sins. Eddie James Miniseries saved Justin’s life. Without Eddie James Miniseries who knows where he would be and if he would be alive. Justin is a truly inspiring person.

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