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TJ Mallon
Dr. Rober
Inter-Generational Justice
It is important for us as inhabitants of Earth, to treat it with dignity and respect, but not only so that we enjoy our time on Earth but that the generations after us enjoy it as well. Both Pope Benedict XVI, who wrote Charity in Truth, and Gerard Manley Hopkins, who wrote ‘Binsey Poplars’, were authors who expressed a lot of their beliefs through nature and how we are all connected to each other and God through nature. These texts both identify and answer the question of what it means to form a more just society for the common good. By answering that fundamental question of the Catholic Intellectual tradition, it also aligns with the claim that the dignity of every human being is inviolable and the commitment to justice for the common good is necessary.
Every human being on Earth has dignity and it is necessary that no one be prohibited of this right or else there is no justice. Pope Benedict XVI says himself,” To desire the common good and strive towards it is a requirement of justice and charity.” (Benedict XVI, 8). He defines charity as love received and given, which I found important because in other words, he is saying that by practicing justice as well as receiving and giving love to others rather than treating them like strangers, we can achieve a society that strives towards the common good. It is hard for us as a society to achieve this because we do not feel comfortable treating strangers with love and respect equivalent to our loved ones or family because we aren’t acquainted with them and don’t know anything about them. However, I feel that it is easier than we think as a society to treat others with respect and love that we may overlook because they’re small things such as holding a door open or helping someone pick up stuff that they dropped. Small acts of kindness can go a longer way than we think and it shows that you care enough to stop and take time out of your day just to assist someone who is in need of help. The “pay it forward” rule is a great example of this. This is the idea that if you do a random act of kindness for three people and tell each of them to complete three random acts of kindness for three other people, and so on and so on, it will create a ripple effect that is so much larger than one can comprehend and can lead to a widespread feeling of dignity, respect, and love between the population involved. Benedict continues to say that when we achieve a society that practices both justice and charity, the society gives rise to,” The Churches social teaching, which is caritas in veritate in re sociali; the proclamation of the truth of Christ’s love in society.” (Benedict XVI, 7). Benedict is basically saying that if we achieve this dynamic of justice and charity, we are following Jesus’ teachings by loving each other just the way he has loved us. I agree with this because Jesus was incarnated on Earth in order to carry out God’s duty on Earth, which...

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