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Intergrating Special Needs Students Into The Classroom

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Katie Easter
English 1010
Integrating students with disabilities into the everyday classroom
Integrating students with disabilities into the every day classroom is highly important. It
gives students with and without disabilities the opportunity to be apart of an inclusive and
accepting community.
Students who have severe disabilities are those students who have a physical, emotional,
mental problems which require extra educational, psychological or medical assistance beyond
traditionally offered education. In past years, special needs students have been over looked or
their needs neglected, so they have had to move to schools that cater specifically to their needs.
Many parents and school administrators thought that these kids needed to be cared for in a
special location, outside neighborhood schooling.
Studies have shown and from personal experience, students with disabilities who are
integrated into regular classrooms, benefit from the structured and well organized activities that
all students can participate in. This is not only good for the students with disabilities, but those
who do not have disabilities, learn about real world differences. They are exposed to proper
interaction with someone with a severe disability. This also gives non­disabled students the
opportunity to not fear students with disabilities and like­wise.
There are times throughout the school day that may not be suitable for SSN students to
be interacting with other students. There are times that are great for integration (with assistance
from an aid) , such as gym, music, art, passing periods, library, etc. This gives students the
ability to not only interact with non­disabled students but also learn what the day to day
expectations are. Students with disabilities are often not given goals to accomplish or
expectations. Students with disabilities should have a goal and expectations just as any other

student, they just may need assistance along the way. If the student has a mild disability they
should have the same expectations as non­disabled kids, again...

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