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“Interior Designer” Essay

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Interior designers require much originality and creativity, while being able to think and work effectively. They must put forth much effort to fully comprehend what a customer wants, and how they want it done. Many people do not understand how intricate interior designers must be. Interior designers have many certain qualities that help them perform the job to their best ability.
As most jobs require, interior designers must graduate high school and receive their diploma. After high school you must choose a college that has an interior design major, and graduate with a Bachelors or Associates degree (“U.S. Bureau”).While most people want to get out of college faster, it is better to take ...view middle of the document...

For example, if you have an old and unfashionable bathroom, an interior designer has to visualize all the newest styles and products in the room and how it will all fit in. Not many people can come up with these ideas right on the spot, and that is why it is an important quality for interior designers.
In addition to certain abilities and skills, interior designers must have the knowledge of many different objects. When an interior design first starts, they would most likely have their own business. It is important for an interior designer to be able to sell their work to people and put themselves on the market. In order to do so, they must have the knowledge of business and management principles. (“O*NET”) Also, to help fuel their artistic side, they must understand the fine arts. Seeing how a music piece or a dance piece is put together may give them an idea of how to design a certain part of the project they are working on.
When on a job site, interior designers will use many different tools. All interior designers must be able to use normal construction tools. Some normal tools include a drill, hammer, and a tape measure. In addition to hand tools, many interior designers use programs on the computer. Some programs such as CAD will allow them to change around the design and layout of the room. This is helpful because then they can get somewhat of a visual of the room when they make the changes. It is important that they know how to use these tools and technology so that they can finish the job quickly and effectively. (“Career Tools”)
When becoming an interior designer it is imperative that they fully understand what goes on at...

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