Interior Designers Influence Towards Sustainable Design Humber College Final Research Proposal Assignment

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This paper presents a conceptual qualitative research by implementing sustainability design from interior designer’s principles. This will include a depth description toward what is to design sustainable, the advantages of designing sustainable thought a literature review and with a methodology a data research.

Sustainable developed in Europe during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Sustainable design creates principles as functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics. Sustainable design projects are influenced by factors such as planning the use of space, the choose of materials that do not use materials that will affect the environment and also a way of reducing the use of energy, consumption, pollution and waste. Becoming a sustainable interior designer is committed to always finding a way to balance the functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics with choices that will help the environment.
Sustainable design has their benefits among using low impact materials which require little energy to process and where energy will be more efficient. Exploding the sustainable strategies in commercial and residential interiors, include changing the space activities employers and technology while giving occupants to feel comfortable inside of the space. An interior designer juggles with client needs, cost, time among the design that you as a designer need to accomplish, and possibilities of using sustainable design.
The importance of considering sustainability design is to find long-term solutions that warrant well-being and minimize the needs for land use, biodiversity, water, air, and energy. A project starts with the definition of its objects during a clients meeting where it can expose the goals for the final design.
Interior design plays a significant role in helping to create a functional space that can improve the people's experience and our everyday interactions with our environments. One of the most important aspects of sustainability is health. Although sustainable design has become a major issue in interior designer’s practices according

Research Proposal
Statement of the Problem
In resent years, a concern for the environment health has made its way into the food, clothing, and design industry. Sustainable is more than a marketing scheme, is about avoiding the depletion of natural resources. Some of the sustainable design practices include the manufactory of materials, the renewable materials, the durability of materials and long lasting materials. One of the solutions to design sustainable is to design spaces that can easily adapt to changes in a spaces activity and technology while conserving resources by giving occupants access to thermal comfort controls, outdoor views, and daylight; this will minimize heat gain or loss. Energy management units will conserve the energy and materials by using efficient light systems through out the space.
Propose of Study
The purpose of this paper is to...

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