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The three best qualities that make me a valuable asset to any team are my resourcefulness, my indefatigability, and my optimism. In life, struggle is a necessity because without it, one fails to discover their strengths and improve on them. Some of the challenges I have faced seemed daunting or impossible to overcome at first, yet through persistence, “outside the box” thinking and great expectations, I have pushed myself and others around me to success. Everything has not always worked out, but anything worth having or doing does not occur without struggle. I am not afraid to struggle, to stumble, or to make mistakes for I know that the only mistakes are not learning and or giving up.

Within the next few months, I would like to boost my grade point average and become either salutatorian or valedictorian of my graduating class. Furthermore, I would like to be accepted into either Georgia Institute of Technology or Emory University on a full ride institutional scholarship or a full ride scholarship provided by an outside source. My goal of becoming either salutatorian or valedictorian is rather new in the sense that I didn’t think that it was possible until I learned of my current ranking in my graduating class as number 3. Receiving this information gave me that final push to work more vigorously towards attaining my goals. Along with a higher grade point average come better admission and scholarship prospects, two things I look forward to earning.
In the next five years, I would like to graduate with two bachelor degrees in computer engineering and business administration respectively. Within two to three years of graduation, I would like to obtain a master’s degree in business administration from one of these schools: Stanford University, University of Chicago or Columbia University of New York.
After retiring from my media enterprise, I would like to return to undergraduate studies and pursue a degree in political science. Later, I would like to become a political science professor at a university in either Europe or North America.

My career aspirations include owning and operating a media enterprise that would include a record label, a publishing company and a production studio. I desire to have a long and lucrative career combining two things I love: helping others and art. I would like for humanitarian work to play a major role in my career, both within and away from my business endeavors. I want to prove that one can be a business leader and a humanitarian simultaneously without sacrificing the dignity of either.

A volunteering opportunity that I partake in throughout the year is serving at the Helping in His Name Food Pantry in Stockbridge, Georgia....

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