Internal Affairs And Canada's Previous Position On Terrorism

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Internal Affairs and Canada's Previous Position on Terrorism

A terrorist Tunnel: Issues concerning Canada's borders and the present threat of International terrorism


From the FLQ (Front de Liberation du Quebec) crisis to the recent acts of terrorism by Singh Rayet and the Tiger group, terrorism has found a place in Canadian society.

Because of this, in the last 50 years, Canada has developed several reactionary policies, and control/Prevention mechanisms to deal with terrorism, including Trudeau's enforcement of the War Measures Act during "Black October" in reaction to internal terrorism, to the more recent development of the CSIS Act (Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act) to deal with the growing threat of International terrorism to Canada.

Terrorism is a concern that should be agknoledged by Canadians, for it is resting on our front door step, even in Vancouver.

Internal Affairs and Canada's previous position on Terrorism

In 1969 FLQ terrorists engaged in kidnapping, bombing, and murder, including the murder of the Quebec Labour Minister Pierre La Porte. The Canadian Government, led by the new Priminister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, responded with the enforcement of the War Measures Act, mass arrests, and had sent the army into Montreal. This incident was known as "Black October" or the "October Crisis". The Candian troops were able to put an end to the FLQ crisis, However, the Quebec separatists are still active to this day, fighting for Quebec independence from Canada.
From this incident we can observe how Canada has no tolleration for terrorism, and is willing to go to great lengths to stop acts of serious violence.
Paul Rose, the leader of the "Chenier Cell" of the FLQ was arrested for the murder and kidnapping of Pierre Laporte, who was found killed and locked in a trunk on October 17th 1970. Trudeau responded with the immediate enactment of the War Measures Act, which allowed the Fed Gov to rule over all areas of Canada. Under the Act, anyone in relation or suspicoin of being related to the FLQ could be arrested withou a warrant, and without being officailly charged.
This action on the part of Trudeau caused much controversy, and had ripples even as far as Vancouver,...

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