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Internal And External Forces That Impact Organizational Behavior.

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Most organizations have a focus on where they are going to be in a given time, this is often known as strategic planning. The organization's mission covers various areas of interest including the service expected as well as the upkeep of the organization to attract potential customers. It is known to most companies where they are going; often all employees can view and read the philosophy of the mission statement, it is also placed in an area easily accessible for that purpose. A mission statement also leads to the vision of the corporation, more on a long-term basis thus, providing a pathway by doing marketing research in the market of interest. To keep ahead of the competition the mission must be implemented as well as trying new methods of operation. The vision must be able to measure with the value of the organizational operation in specific areas of interest such as customer service and employee relations. As mentioned earlier these areas can be measured via surveys, this will allow areas, which need improvement to be easily corrected. There is an area of interest and it is the value of the organization's mission. Without the vision and value, the organization lacks foundation. The value counts for how much this organization is to each individual, whether customers or employees. The level of care and interest; as well as, input and output to get the correct value for the improvement of the organization.Organizational behavior is described as the study of group or individual dynamics within an organizational environment (Wikipedia, 2004). A company's work environment is created and produced by the groups or the individual people who work within it. Employees often find themselves conforming to their ever changing environment.The economics of the world has a significant influence on both the modern business and the organizational behavior of that business. For any company to be successful, it is crucial to understand the elements that can affect the economy that supports its business. The economy can be affected by many different kinds of issues or measurements, like the interest rate, inflation rate, and employment rates. The businesses of the twenty first century face the trials of functioning in a global or multinational market. Each business will labor intensely to locate the markets in the world that offer the best services for the least costly prices. These same companies know that worldwide events will affect all businesses.On the other side of the economy, there are the companies that offer services and products, which struggle to achieve the premium positions in the market. They are willing to transform and change their organization to meet the challenges of the changing marketplace. The organizational changes are often initiated from the top and trickled down through the ranks. The changes can range from the way selections are fulfilled to decisions made. Jobs are often redefined. People employed for these restructuring businesses...

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