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Internal AssessmentStandard Level Written CommentaryNature and purpose of the internal assessmentThe internal assessment component, as well as being interesting and productive, forms an important part of the assessment of the business and management course. It is imperative, therefore, that the teacher provides not only appropriate guidance to students, but also a copy of the internal assessment details and the assessment criteria. These can be found in the Business and management guide (March 2007).Internal assessment is an integral part of the course of study in business and management at both HL and SL and accounts for 25% of the final mark.Internal assessment is compulsory for both HL and SL students. It enables students to demonstrate the application of their skills and knowledge in business and management without the time limitations and stress associated with written examinations. Students complete a research project at HL and a written commentary at SL. A diagram giving an overview of the preparation and completion of the internal assessment is shown in the appendices.overviewThe internal assessment for SL is a written commentary that answers a question based on a problem or issue of a single business organization. The problem or issue must be related to the business and management SL syllabus. While the problem or issue must be chosen in relation to a specific organization, it may affect a number of organizations or the industry as a whole. However, the focus of the commentary is the individual organization.The written commentary enables SL students to demonstrate the application of business and management tools, techniques and theories to a real business issue or problem. Students must select a real and contemporary issue or problem, not a fictional one, facing a single business organization.The title of the written commentary must be phrased in the form of a question.The commentary can be based on primary and/or secondary sources.The commentary requires analysis and evaluation of the issue or problem, and the student must form judgments, and incorporate them into the commentary in light of the question posed in the title.The maximum number of words for the written commentary is 1,500 words.Students must provide a declaration of authenticity on the coversheet of the written commentary.Although there is no mandatory format for the written commentary, the following is a suggested format that might help students organize their work.Title (in the form of a question)Introduction (including a description of methodology)Findings (based on the supporting documents)Analysis of the findingsConclusion(s)Bibliography and referencesAppendices: supporting documentsWritten commentary-details

The title question must be clear and focused, allowing the student to answer it by carrying out a limited amount of research, supported by chosen documents. If sufficient sources are not available for the research to be carried out, the question should be...

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