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The Internal Branding Process Essay

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The roles of internal branding process and hierarchical level associate with employee’s knowledge and buy in behavior
What is brand? Brand is a trade name which can distinguish from other product or service (Intellectual property office, 2013). Another meaning of the brand is to convey the promise or message to the customer (Intellectual property office, 2013). A powerful brand can lead the company to go further in the industry and it can develop the company's potential (Temporal, 2010). Therefore, brand is a signifying of the company.
However, a company must have good brand management to achieve the longevity of the company brand. It is because good brand management can lead the company to become a strong brand and it will improve the customer relationship through the brand management process which control everything about the brand does and says also (Temporal, 2010). Therefore, brand management plays an important role which will influence the longevity of the company and the brand name.
Nowadays, many companies using the re-branding strategy of corporate marketing and build strong corporate brand to increase their competitive advantage between other companies such as Google, Mazda, LG, Zara and more (Punjaisri & Wilson, 2007; Temporal, 2010). Thereby, internal branding is a good strategy to increase a company’s competitiveness, especially in service industries (Raj & Jyothi, 2011). It is because a service industry almost has a closer relationship between customer and employee and customer’s impression of the brand are influenced by the employee who they connected with (Leberecht, 2004).
Mazda is one of case studies which success in business transformation. There used the brand strategy which reform from the insight of the customer through an organization’s product and service to internal and external communication (Temporal, 2010).In this case study, there showed the importance of brand management which really could save an organization and rebuild it again (Temporal, 2010). The Mazda brand founded in 1920 but it ever becomes the world class vehicle because it kept a low profile before. After Ford Motor Company invested in Mazda, there used rebranding strategy to get business attention and transform the Mazda brand (Temporal, 2010). Then now Mazda has become a global brand status (Temporal, 2010). According to Mazda’s case, the brand philosophy and practice of the brand strategy are closely connected with customers (Temporal, 2010). There also mentioned that the most important of brand strategy was the cooperation and commitment of management because if employees understanding the top management’s direction, strategy, promote cooperation and commitment then they would develop services and brand which completely related to brand (Temporal, 2010).
Overall, brand management is a process that understanding and controls all the aspect of brand and identifying the brand personality (Temporal, 2010). And internal branding is a good way of brand...

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