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Internal Corrosion Analysis

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For many years oil has been used for lighting purposes. The oil in areas where it is found in shallow reservoirs, seeps of crude oil or gas may naturally develop and some oil may possibly simply be collected from seepage or tar ponds. All of this changes during 1859 when that “Colonel” Edwin Drake drilled the first successful oil well, for the purposes of finding oil. This well was known as Drake Well that located in the middle of quiet farm country in north-western Pennsylvania, and began the international search for an industrial use of petroleum (Devold, 2008)

Figure 3 : Drake Well Museum Collection, Titusville, PA.
Edwin Drake has change the visions in oil and gas production ...view middle of the document...

GOSP in the production process with purposes to process the crude oil into marketable products: oil, natural gas or condensates. For topside facilities, all of the final products will be store in the tankers before transports to the more advance process into final products that available in the markets (Devold, 2008)

In topside facilities, the GOSP will be supports by others utility systems such as for power supply systems that providing energy, cooling and heating systems for purposes of better performance of the processes, water, air and some other utility systems (Devold, 2008). For Goliat FPSO, the system for topside facilities using numbering systems, for example System 16 is for Topside Flowline and Manifolds System, System 20 for Separation and Stabilisation System and etc. This numbering system may difference for each of the platforms based on the owner of the platforms.

GOLIAT FPSO was design with high production of the GOSP. All of the topside systems are located on a floating structure with dry or subsea wells. The main advantage of the Goliat FPSO is a stand-alone structure that does not need external infrastructure such as pipelines or storage.

All of the needed facilities were equipped in the Goliat FPSO. With design to produced 110,000 barrels per day, the productions oil will be offloaded to a shuttle tanker at regular intervals, from days to weeks depending on the production and the storage capacity of the FPSO. Goliat FPSO from Sevan Marine design have special ability which is using circular hull which shows same profile to wind, waves and current regardless of the direction. From this design, the FPSO does not need to be rotated regardless of the situations so Goliat FPSO does not need a rotating turret (Devold, 2008)

In Goliat FPSO, every system plays their purposes and their own aims of existence. If one of the systems fails to running, the production may need to be shutdown. Especially for the systems that can affect the production line such as system that includes in the Gas Oil Separation Plant (GOSP). For System 16 which is Topside Flowline and Manifolds System of the Goliat FPSO, it allow the set-up of the production “well sets” so that for a given production level, the best reservoir utilization, well flow composition ( gas, oil, water) etc. can be selected from the available wells (Devold, 2008). Other than that, this system also play role to transfer the reservoir production fluids from Goliat FPSO riser interface to the Inlet Separator/ Test Separators via the Inlet Heater/ Test Heater.

The reservoir production wells from four subsea templates are allocated to one of the two 14” production flowlines (each flowline can handle approximately 65% of the total production). Gas lift will operated with low pressure wells as required. After 2018 year Flowline 1 will be operated in high pressure mode and Pig Operation/Inlet Preheater...

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