Internal Factors Affecting Apple’s Performance Essay

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Apple is an international corporation that is involved in design, development and distribution of consumer electronics, personal computers and computer software. It is mostly recognized for hardware such as iPhone smartphone, iPod media player, and Mac computers, and softwares such as OS X, the Safari web browser and iOS operating systems among other softwares. Apple was founded in April 1976 by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne and Steve Jobs with a sole purpose of developing and selling of computers. Since then, it has experienced consistence growth. Today, Apple Inc. stands as the second largest IT Company in the world after Samsung Electronics. Like any other corporation, Apple’s performance has been fluctuating from time to time. This has been attributed by factors which emerge from within the organization (internal factors) and those that emerge from outside the organization (external factors) (Yu & Zhang, 2010). Apple has not been on success always. In 1996, Apple was declared bankrupt and Steve Jobs, one of the founders sought job to save his company (Hoover, 2001). In 1997, the price per each Apple’s share cost $3.30. The company grew and by 2011, the price per share was $339.87 (Martins, 2011).
Internal Factors Affecting Apple’s Performance
Management refers to planning, leading, organizing, and controlling of human and other resources with an aim of achieving goals of an organization efficiently and effectively (Sawayda, 2011). Management has had profound effects in Apple’s performance. The success and high performance of Apple are attributed to Steve Jobs leadership skills. Steve Jobs developed a vision for Apple Company that managers had to follow. Moreover, he built a strong management that would lead all project teams towards the accomplishment of the Company’s goals and objectives. Jobs gave the managers autonomy to put his vision into practice and embraced the culture of collaboration and innovation in order to have creative thinking. The high peak performance of Apple was realized when Jobs was appointed as its CEO in 1997. He created a vision and set goals as a way of energizing and motivating Apple employees (Abdelsamad, Adhia, Croll, Hoffman, Michaels Jr, & Wheelen, 2008).
Strategy Implementation
Apple has conducted thorough research before implementation of any of its strategies in order to make sure that the strategies they implement are feasible with set goals. Such was initiated by Gil Amelio, the former CEO of Apple, who set forth a reorganization plan intended to move Apple above its competitors (Mello, 1996). Besides, it has always created objectives that its strategies are aimed at achieving. Some of the strategic plans that Apple has had include;
a) Increase the sales of Apple products by over 5% always. This has been achieved because Apple has a strong brand image where viruses do not attack Mac computers, as opposed to Microsoft computers.
b) Production of quality products that integrate...

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