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Internal Marketing Motivating Personnel Leads To Higher Company Performance

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IntroductionThe purpose of this report is to discuss and evaluate the supposition: "Motivating personnel leads to higher company performance' which would be associated with the concept of internal marketing and developed by comparing individual goals and organization goals.For a successful organization, there are many essential features, while one of them is they have to motivate employees, so as to induce them to provide quality service and product to the customers, since motivating employee has related so much on that for getting higher company performance.The remainder of this report will be divided into four sections: the Literature review for definitions and supportive materials, key ...view middle of the document...

In addition, Pinda(1998) has also stated that "motivating human factors that can influence productivity are the abilities and efforts of the employees in their work". Besides, the attitude of employees towards his/her place of work and the extent to which the company is able to motivate employees may have a direct effect on the quality of those products offered to customers. Therefore, the company needs to create an internal environment in which the employees behave in what the company wants. One of the most important challenges is how the company creates a context within which employees feel motivated and will act in order to achieve the goals of the organization, it could really affect the degree of motivation among the employees.Appendix1 has showed that the proposed result of motivating employees, which is to satisfy the customer in the company's desired way so as to get higher company performance through the satisfied repeat customers.2. Internal MarketingApart from motivation, marketing strategy is important to improve the company performance. There are three different types of marketing in service industries - Internal marketing, External marketing, Relationship marketing (Kotler et al. 2006, p. 47). Internal marketing is the marketing strategy from the company to the employee, which contribute a lot on the personnel motivation within the company2.1 What is Internal Marketing?From the point of view of the company, Sasser and Arbeit have stated that "Internal marketing has to view employees as internal customers, the firm must also have satisfied employees" and also assumed that "to have satisfied customers, the firm must also have satisfied employee". Also, there is a concept for internal marketing is purposed to enhance the service quality for a company. The purpose of this activity is to enhance quality of external marketing relationships". Furthermore, Kotler (2006, p.359) has summarized that "Internal Marketing is a process that involves the 1) establishment of a service culture, 2) the development of a marketing approach to human resource management, 3) the dissemination of marketing information to employees and 4)the implementation of a reward and recognition system".2.2 Internal Marketing as tool for motivating employeesCahill (1996, p.3) have stated that "Internal marketing is attracting, developing, motivating and retaining qualified employees through job-products that satisfy their needs. Internal marketing is the philosophy of treating employees as customer and it is the strategy of shaping job-products to fit human needs". According to Rafiq and Ahmed, the definition of the Internal marketing is proposed as "a planned effort using a marketing-like approach to overcome organizational resistance to change and to align, motivate and inter-functionally co-ordinate and integrate employees towards the effective implementation of corporate and functional strategies in order to deliver customer satisfaction through a process of...

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