Internal Analysis Of Sunshine Generations Nursing Home

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This internal analysis of Sunshine Generations Nursing Home will depict Nursing Home’s uniqueness in the market and its ability to remain competitive while still providing exceptional care to its residents.
First and foremost, Sunshine Generations has consistently met and exceeded both State and Federal Nursing Home regulations and standards. We have Nursing Home inspections conducted annually which includes the residents’ rooms and appearance, the living spaces, staff qualification and attributes, food and nutrition, and last but definitely not the least, overall safety and care. We specifically employ a “two-in, two-out rule” which means for every 2 nurses required by state and federal law, there are 2 more nurses assigned per day. This is to insure proper medical care and to reduce the chance for medical errors. This gives us the highest standard of care not commonly seen in the industry. A team work approach is also employed where staff physicians, nurses, nurse aids, and family have a say in the treatment and care of our residents. At any point any staff member or family member can stop treatment if they feel it is not in the best interests of the resident. This unique way of thinking gives the residents personal interaction and attention from the staff that cares for them as if they were family.
In addition to our exceptional medical staff we have a state of the art facility. We have designed our nursing home to feel and look like a personal residence. Each resident has an apartment with its own address and unit number. The average number of beds in the South Geographical Region is 108 beds per Nursing Home. Sunshine Generations has 300 beds with an occupancy rate of 93% which is higher than the national average. The hallways and rooms themselves hide the fact that it is a medical facility. Medical equipment is hidden from view both in...

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