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IntroductionIn today's business world, often companies simply cannot stay domestic and expect to maintain and increase their markets. Organizations must decide if it is beneficial to go international, then define its international marketing policies and objectives to create an effective promotional campaign. Global companies that offer superior products for lower prices can threaten a domestic company's market. This is often a force that attracts companies to enter the global marketplace. The need for more customers often persuades a company that they must start to market their product internationally.Motorola's ProductWeighing in less than four ounces, the Motorola E04a when fully charged offers up to 2.5 hours talk and 30 hours standby time. E04a is made of a soft, sound-absorbing elastomer material reducing distortions, resulting in crisp sound quality. Motorola's latest innovation gives easy, intuitive access to all controls and features audible status indicators. The earpiece and microphone boom fit behind either ear for a comfortable, secure fit. The earpiece also features soft, ergonomic gel tip channels sound directly into ones ear for better reception. This improves ones ability to hear conversations, even in noisy environments. For clear discussion, the E04a headset has a boom-style, noise-canceling microphone producing clear digital quality sound.One of the benefits of bringing Motorola's new product to Sweden is that large target market. Teenagers want the newest cell phone device to impress their friends, businessmen will enjoy the benefits of Motorola's features, and anyone who wants to connect with family and friends will use this new product. Cell phones are already a way of life for most of the population of Sweden. They are a country that will appreciate and make good use of the benefits of the EO4.One of the risks of bringing Motorola's new product to Sweden is that politically speaking, Sweden might not want the United States to compete with their own companies. Sweden "is the world's most advanced testing ground for a range of mobile commerce applications that may ultimately have a major impact on improving the productivity of businesses all over the globe." For this reason, there might be a risk for Motorola's breaking ground in Sweden.Legal environmentIt is important to protect and copyright the patents and ideas which go into our phones in to protect ourselves from competitors. We wish to corner the market very quickly on voice activated cell phones. While we have a relatively safe product, we need a legal team to protect us from lawsuits and unlawful claims.Economic analysisTechnology is one of the country's leading aspects which help everything from the productivity of its population to the advancement of their hydroelectric power exports. At the U.S. rate of $300 per cell phone it is estimated that we will generate over $400 million in phones and accessories sales. The production of these phones will need a bigger plant...

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5422 words - 22 pages (1999), available at: global.asp.Blair, E. (1983), "Sampling issues in trade area maps drawn from shopper surveys", Journal of Marketing, Vol. 47, Winter, pp. 98-106.Boddewyn JJ. and Grosse, R. (1995), "American marketing in the European Union", European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 29 No. 12, pp. 23-42.Boddewyn, JJ., Soehl, R. and Picard, J. (1986), "Standardisation in international marketing- is Ted Levitt in fact right?", Business Horizons, Vol. 29, pp. 69-75.

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