International And Domestic Students Sojourners At College

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Every year many students pursue higher education and relocate themselves to enroll in colleges and universities around the world. Some students move to other countries such as United States, Canada, UK and Australia, while other students relocate themselves to new places in their home country. “In the United States, there are nearly half of a million international students who attend university and college” (Hechanova 458). International student sojourners are foreign people who are enrolled in colleges and universities away from their home country; usually they have a temporary student visa and do not speak the host culture’s language (Snow 134). Domestic student sojourners are local or resident people relocated in a new place inside their home country and who are attending a higher education institution. International and domestic student sojourners usually face problems such as adjustment to the new place, socialization with other students, mental health issues due to stressful academic life, and some problems over their academic performance. Adjustment is the capacity for fitting in a new environment; socialization is the act of meet people, share with them and establish a friendly relationship; mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being, with which we deal every day in our life, and academic performance refers to how well students perform their activities at the university and this is directly related with the grades reached. Domestic and international sojourners face common challenges when they begin their student life in a different place, however “international student sojourners are likely to experience more problems than their local counterparts who go to college away from home but do not experience as much culture change” (Hechanova 459). This means that international student sojourners will face more difficulties caused by the new cultural environment in contrast to domestic students who are familiarized with their country’s culture. To understand the challenges faced by domestic and international student sojourners it is necessary compare and contrasts such factors as adjustment, socialization, mental health and academic performance.
Both International and domestic students who relocate to another place face common adjustment problems such as academic stress, loneliness, interpersonal conflicts and problems in adapting to change. (Hechanova 459). According to Snow “international students had more difficulty adapting than domestic students” (Snow 135). The explanation for the difference in the adjustments between both domestic and international sojourners is the fact that domestic students are familiar with their country culture while students from other countries usually “had the stress of living in an unfamiliar culture” (Lijuan 97). International students generally struggle with the host country’s language which impedes them realize many tasks that they would be able to do at their home country....

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