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Global Automotive Corporation Essay

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Global Automotive Corporation (GAC) is a worldwide computer network enterprise involved in the development and operational support for the automotive industry. The customer base includes major and minor manufactures of trucks, automobiles and parts. The strategic plans include future expansion into the aftermarket and repair parts industries. GAC provides software and maintains supporting equipment at each customer office. Offices are located around the globe to maintain operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Current office locations include:- United States: Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; Bowling Green, Kentucky; Seattle, Washington; Austin, Texas.- Europe: Birmingham, United Kingdom; Stuttgart, Germany; Turin, Italy.- Asia: Osaka, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Beijing and Hong Kong, China.- Central America: Brasilia, Brazil; Caracas Venezuela.The corporate headquarters, including sales is centrally located in Chicago. Six main centers located in Detroit, Seoul, Stuttgart, Hong Kong, Osaka, and Turin support distribution and service. The remaining offices are sales offices. Software development is accomplished in Austin, with programming support from Perumbavoor and Kerala, India.This paper details the design strategy for a worldwide computer network system to support enterprise offices, and provide customer web service support. Database composition is primarily Extensible Markup Language (XML) centrally located at the Chicago headquarters. Bandwidth requirements must support a minimum of 2000 one-page accesses in duplex per minute. Secondary access shall be available via corporate Wide Area Network (WAN). Data transfer must not exceed 1 minute at any office. Administrative and intranet response time will average between 13-31 seconds with a 1MB transfer. Web services must support 90 percent Local Area Network (LAN) traffic, 5 percent administrative traffic, and 5 percent e-mail, web browsing, simple network management protocol (SNMP) traffic and packet switch integrity. Each location shall establish Internet access via local Internet Service Provider (ISP), where available. When Internet service is not available, traffic will be transferred via wide area network (WAN). In addition, full telephony, video, and conference capability with priority speed dial to all offices is required. Physical design will include satellite transfer stations geographically dispersed in Chicago, Brasilia, and Caracas. Offices will be equipped with Virtual Private Network (VPN) for corporate integrity and microwave dish for data transfer to local carriers. Backups will be localized and completed within the central office loop. The design will include translation capability for foreign offices and customer sales and support.In order to meet design specifications there are three main tasks that the WAN must be able to accomplish:1. Allow for 8,760,000 page views averaging 10KB in size over a 24 hour period.2. Allow for 2,394 file transfers averaging 150KB - 250KB on a...

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