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Aviation across a countries border has significantly evolved since Louie Bleriot crossed the English Channel in 1909. With this evolution comes a required advancement in international procedures so international flights can traverse other States in a uniform, standard, safe and efficient manner.

This paper will examine the common support framework existent in the international aviation industry through its application to a flight departing from Brisbane. The flight is broken into three phases, that being the pre-flight, planning and execution, and uses various publications from ICAO and IATA to examine these. The pre-flight stage focuses on administration required before the flight can get underway, specifically personnel licensing and aircraft airworthiness. The planning stage focuses on the products that are required for the flight, which may include weather, maps, charts and instrument approach plates. The execution phase analyses various passenger initiatives to improve their journey, safety through a range of mandatory and recommended practices introduced and monitored by ICAO and IATA, the international rules of the air, the required standards for air traffic services, policy and procedures relating to environmental conservation with carbon emissions and noise, and finally customs and immigration.

In an environment where annual passenger growth is 5.5% (IATA, 2016b), it is vital that these policies and procedures are kept up to date, standardised, and adhered to.


The past century has seen the advent and significant increase in aircraft being able to traverse airspace belonging to a State other than its own. In 1944 the United States called for an international conference in Chicago as a means to secure international co-operation and the highest possible degree of uniformity in regulations and standards, procedures and organization regarding civil aviation matters. The end of this meeting led to the formation of ICAO (ICAO, 2016b). Today, 191 Member States form ICAO in a world where 100,000 daily flights occur, carrying upwards of 3.6 billion people per year (IATA, 2012).

This paper will examine the common support framework in the aviation industry as it applies to an international flight departing from Brisbane. This investigation has divided the flight into three distinct phases: pre-flight requirements, flight planning and flight execution. ICAO, IATA, CASA, FAA, EASA, and DAP will be examined and drawn upon to highlight uniformity and standards throughout the world of international aviation.



1.1 Chicago Convention Annexes

1.1.1 Personnel Licensing

License commonality amongst ICAO member countries is assured in the international standards and recommended practices described in Annex 1, where “a license issued by a Contracting State should be rendered valid by other Contracting States” (ICAO, 2011, p. 1-7). These licenses apply to...


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