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International Business Contracts. Essay

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The Effects of Extroversion and IntroversionOn The Ability of Learning Languages.CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION1.1 - Problem of the studyThe effects of personality on language learning ability has received some concerns from the researchers, since there is the fact that students normally do not have the same level of language acquisition, even though they have the common conditions to widen their knowledge. Many studies have showed that some personality traits, like the extroversion and introversion, are responsibility to the language acquisition. Thus, in order to create the fair conditions for every student to fully develop their language ability, it is necessary to have more studies going into the details of the effect of specific personality traits, typically, the extroversion and introversion, on the language acquisition.1.2 - Aim of the studyThis study is aimed to determine the effect of extroversion and introversion on the ability of learning foreign languages. Both questionnaire and experiments are used as tools to develop the research.1.3 - Significance of the studyThe study will help widen the knowledge about the huge effects of the extroversion and introversion on foreign language learners, which is useful for not only language education and teaching technique development, but also the language study procedure.CHAPTER II: LITERATURE REVIEW2.1 - IntroductionThe relationship between personality and the ability of learning language have been an interesting subject for many researchers throughout the last few years. Many researches were done on this matter, which mostly considered the effects of personality in general, very few delved into a specific type of personality. For example, Nabiollah Sadeghi (2012) successfully proved the existence of relationship between personality and reading comprehension. Throughout the study, Nabiollah provided a valuable source of knowledge on the subject, but as he emphasized, there is still a need for further research in order to come to a clear understanding of the above relationship. Another study of Ehrman & Oxford, (1990) showed that personality affects how people choose their way of learning in languages. Although those studies are accurate, they are likely not to focus on the details of the specific pairs of personality types as introduced in the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory(1921) , also known as the MBTI model: Sensing - Intuitive, Thinking - Feeling, Judging - Perceiving and Introvert - Extrovert. The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory is presented in part 2.2.2.As a supplement, this study fills the gaps of the earlier researches by going into the effect of extroverted and introverted personality.2.2 - Personality2.2.1 - The definition of "Personality"As a part of the process to develop the study, the definition of Personality should be mentioned. It is considered to be the particular combination of emotional, attitudinal and behavioral respond pattern of an individual. Or in the other way, A.M. Benis...

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