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International Business Guidelines Essay

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School of Business Management
BM0471: Essentials of International Business
ICA 1 (100 marks / 15% weightage)
Learning Objectives
 Introduce students to the importance of keeping abreast with world's affairs that are constantly evolving. Students will learn to appreciate how events in the international arena might have an impact on International Business in the political, economic, socio-cultural and technological environments locally and regionally.
 Apply international business concepts, which had been taught in the lectures to
current situations.
 Enhance students' comprehension (reading) and analytical (thinking) skills. Assessment Components
This ICA will be graded upon 100 marks and it carries 15% weightage in the entire module. There are three (3) assessment components. They are:
Written Report 50 marks Presentation 40 marks Participation and Discussion by class on topic presented by other teams
10 marks
a) Written Report
 Submission of hard copy during tutorial in the week beginning 08 Dec 2014. Late submission will attract a penalty of 20 marks being deducted each day.
 Not more than 5 A4 pages which should include a brief background of
selected topic, findings, analysis and justified comments on implication on IB and lastly conclusion and comments on unresolved issues and future developments (12 points, single-spaced)
 Each group has to submit the written report together with a softcopy of
the report in word file (doc. Or docx), the latter to be submitted to and compiled by the module or class representation for all groups in the class before submission to the tutor. The reports will be subjected to a plagiarism check using Blackboard. Reports found to have plagiarized will be heavily penalized.
 Each team is to select a topic related to IB. The topic can be in any one or
(at most) two of the following areas: Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological and/or Environment/climate change which may have an impact on International Business.

Updated: 18 Sep 2014
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 As this report has a 5-page limit, students are cautioned to be mindful of
the scope of coverage for your research. Students should aim to achieve a reasonably good indepth study of the selected issue rather than attempting to study too many issues but each with little or no depth of analysis (e.g. 'A study of increase in oil prices to the global economy' maybe too ambitious and too wide in scope, instead 'A study of increase in oil prices to Singapore's economy' may be more realistic.) To this end, teams are required to submit a project outline to the respective tutors in week 2 along with the proposed topic for approval. The project outline should clearly state the proposed topic of research, the objective(s)/main research questions the team wishes the research undertaking to answer, the main areas/scope of discussion and possible sources of information.
 The team...

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