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International Business India. Essay

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International BusinessIndiaI.HISTORYII.GEOGRAPHYIII.CULTUREIV.POLITICAL AND LEAGAL FACTORSV.ECONOMIC CONDITIONSVI.TOURIST REPORT/ MISCELLANEOUS ISSUESVII.BUISNESS AFFFAIRS DEALING WITH INDIAVIII.BUISNESS AFFFAIRS DEALING WITH INDIAI.HISTORYIndia is a country that is one of a kind. It has a very interesting history that has had an effect on the world and the many people living in it.India was for a long time a colony of its mother country, Britain. In their system, the British would use the colony for its resources and people to gain from it as much as possible giving the colony minimal in return. This economy hurt India. The people there wanted a revolution. They had no army and no ammunition to fight a war. A man by the name of Mahatma Gandhi started a peaceful revolution. It was a nonviolent protest. The people of India began to grow their own food and weave their own clothes. This minimized profit to be gain by Britain. His most memorable means of protest was by means of a hunger strike. This inspired millions across the world. In this was Gandhi helped to free India from the British in 1947. The people of India later split into Pakistan and India. This arose from differences in culture and religion.II.GEOGRAPHYIndia's geography stands out on the globe. It is located in South Asia right above the Indian Ocean. It is considered its own sub-continent. The climate is very warm year round. In the summer temperatures can reach up to 110 degrees. This causes many power outages and sanitation problems. Water also begins to become a problem. With all the people in the country, to have a clean and sanitized water system is very difficult. Water must be boiled and filtered to be consumed.There are key geographic features in the country such as the Himalaya Mountains. These account for the highest peaks in the world. Many people come to visit these mountains for worship and adventure. There can be very extreme climates present here. In the center of the county, there is the Great Plains. This is where most of the population resides. The rains in the monsoon season are not as bad as Bangladesh but they can still be very heavy and violent.With all these features, agriculture and herding are important economic activities here. Usually people in villages are sustenance farmers but people in the cities still get produce from small markets, not grocery stores.III.CULTUREThe language of India is extremely important. Unlike most countries, India does not only have one language. In fact, it has over 800 dialects. The national language though is Hindi. This is derived from Sanskrit. The languages are native to a region. People from India are usually multi-lingual. This is necessary because usually people will know you are not from the area if you don't speak their language or if you don't speak it properly. This can lead to people being taken advantage of.The education is superb in India. It is usually through private schools and universities. There are many...

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