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27. What does the preceding SWOT analysis indicate about IBM?
A. 1. SWOT Analysis
The notable strengths of International Business machines Corporation are creative services, good organizational culture, high efficient fulfillment centre, and advanced business performance management. Owing to the fact that IBM handles approximately 93% of the business task of the best 900 firms of wall street, IBM have some of the global fastest revolutionary and main frames technologies for instance blue gene, and speech recognition. Through such top technologies, International Business machines Corporation is capable of providing the excellent back hand facilities.
The most latest merge of Lenovo and IBM whereby IBM provides the latest chip technology while Lenovo provides the outer hardware technology. Additionally, International Business machines Corporation has entered in numerous fields for instance mainframes, middle ware services, maintenance service, security and privacy services, IT strategy, end user services, business continuity and resiliency services, and personal computers.
The most common weaknesses of international business machines are probable acquisition issues and high costs in the value chain. On the other hand, IBM wastes much of its research and development, than its earning and has very inadequate suppliers in the market.
The opportunities of IBM are Matured internet market, Strong and stable economic market context, high individual consumption power, High level of entry barrier to the server market, and Sophisticated service market. Additionally, IBM possesses a good place in market, just with little reasonable strategies to industry changes, International Business machines Corporation can hold large market share. On the other hand, owing to the fact that International Business machines Corporation has fewer competitors in its sector; almost the leading of its field, through these specifications, International Business machines Corporation can create a monopoly in its market.
Since the internet is one of the latest applications that is rising faster, the opportunity is open for International Business machines owing to the fact that International Business machines is presently in the field by...

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