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Executive summaryAffected by the escalating impact of globalization, and the additional rising levels of intangibility, there is more need than ever for businesses to consider innovative responses to marketing opportunities. Moreover, the advent of Internet has constructed a new business structure as many marketers have started to find ways to penetrate into new market to gain a competitive advantage by putting enormous effort to come out with the most approachable marketing strategy of their own.Offensive marketing has to be one of the most effective and successful one, it focuses on building long-term, sustainable shareholder value. The five elements of the offensive marketing approach are POISE, as summarized by mnemonic of profitable, offensive, integrated, strategic and effectively executed. It brings together advances in strategy, innovation, and approach to produce a new level of effectiveness and market results.The hardware industry in Australia has also adopted this business format and marketing approach. Bunnings Warehouse, which dominated the largest hardware market share in Australia, has been proven a successful one using the particular marketing approach. NFK Glazing & Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd on the other hand represents a traditional marketing approach.ContentTopics Pages1. Introduction 3-42. Brief summary of Australian hardware industry 5-63. Organizational backgrounds 73.1 Bunnings Warehouse 7-83.2 NFK Glazing & Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd 94. Comparative analysis of marketing approach 10-234.1 Profitability 10-124.2 Offensive 13-164.3 Integrated 17-194.4 Strategic 20-224.5 Effectively executed 235. Recommendations 24-256. Conclusion 267. Reference 27-28IntroductionAs different industry often has distinctive marketing approaches and strategy to tackle the market, it is therefore decided that businesses under same category should be researched and discussed of the centrality of entrepreneurial marketing activity to the firm's strategic approach and its profitability.Bjerke and Hultman (2002) consider that the dominant view of marketing fits the old economic era and argue the unsuitability of conservative perspectives of marketing to fast growth new business enterprises.Hardware industry in Australia will be the focus of the report. The hardware industry in Australia has striving to survive and compete in the dynamic situation. Consumers nowadays have wider choice of stores and even virtual stores that do not require traveling effort to get what they want and need. It is becoming harder and harder for business to ensure customer loyalty and the market share, thus an increasing number of marketers are adopting the POISE marketing approach aiming to gain more competitive advantage in the market share and thus increase the shareholder value.To develop better understanding and appreciation for competitive marketing strategy, value creation and methods to configure, position, execute and channel the market value of an...

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This is a paper written on the internet and its effects on society. It is opinionated also, so it is not just fact. It was written for my Business law class.

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