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International Business Essay

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château margauxmarketing plan20133IBM1 / Case BBoudewijn de Bondt 500654850Benjamin Lobatto 500648491Roel Hoedemakers 500653139Oskar van Enst 500524664Manvir Sandhu 500646521Nada Barakat 500676948Executive summaryHistorically and over the past years the management at Chateau Margaux sample and taste the production young wines to arrive to the exquisite composition of the chateau's first wine, the grand Vin du Chateaux Margaux. Followed by a similar process of blending a second wine is made, the Pavilion Rouge de Chateau Margaux. What remains of the total production constitute a third wine, which the management left in barrels to be sold in bulks.The 2009 third vintage wine when sampled in 2013 tasted deliciously good, with quality standards never attained before. It was deemed "pleasurable to drink" by Chateaux Margaux's management who decided to retain it all. It was then very obvious that Chateau Margeaux la Troisieme Prefection was ready for commercial sale.This lead the management to the question of how to best market Chateau Margeaux la Troisieme Prefection wine. After carefully considering selling it to the Bordeaux merchants, the management decided to opt for developing a complete marketing plan for the new offering. Developing a complete marketing plan for a third wine from scratch, came loaded with difficult challenges. Questions like what will be the brand image? price of a bottle? and among other questions what will be the distributions channels.For the purpose of launching a third wine, and drafting a complete marketing plan, the management at Chateau Margeau had firstly, conducted a SWOT analysis to identify weakness and strengths as well as threats and potential possibilities. Secondly, composed a complete marketing mix strategy. Later, identified market segments and targets and finally successfully present Chateau Margeaux la Troisieme Prefection wine to be available for sale.The Chateau Margeaux las Troisieme Perfection wine is produced with a keen pursuit to excellence and carry the same supreme quality and standards of the first and second Chateau Marguax wines. External AnalysisTo understand the external forces that shape various opportunities and pose threats to Château Margaux skills to drive future growth, the following macro environment analysis is conducted.Market AnalysisThe global wine making industry shifted in recent years. Few barriers existed to making wine, as virtually anyone between the latitudes of 30 and 50 degrees in both hemispheres, with a reasonably warm and dry summer, could plant a varietal of the common grape vine in their back yard.Yet until recently, almost all wine was made in Europe, with France, Italy, spain and Germany as the main "Old World" producers. This pattern changed in the second half of the 20th century, as wine making dramatically increased in the "New World", which primarily consisted of the US and southern hemisphere countries.Argantina became one of the largest producers of...

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3386 words - 14 pages for companies that attempt to enter international markets and at the same time bring them enormous challenges to adopt complexities of social, cultural, economic and political diversities in the international context. In response to this increasing need the study of international business entrepreneurship has been emphasized on and it has received tremendous research attentions over the past years. On the one hand, international business occurs

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1618 words - 6 pages Move on to International business operations, the international business operations of Huawei could be defined as Huawei develops the global supply chain by cooperating with the local companies and add values for customers and suppliers (Huawei, 2014). Hence, it builds up a healthy business ecosystem that shares resources, risks, and benefits all together with the local companies or multinationals in the global market (Strikwerda and Stoelhorst

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2114 words - 8 pages is sheltered and enjoys calm waters in trans-shipment to the domestic region. For the international market, coils are more sturdily banded and strapped to prevent friction and consequent distortion in shape. Whereas business is done in direct communication with all customers, the international distribution system is done via traders with channels closer to the foreign customers. Mittal's subsidiary in the U.S.A, Inland North America (INA), often

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9295 words - 37 pages , business opportunities, and the legal and tax environment. Indeed, if we want to conduct business in Mexico, we need to analyze the country's potential as a host for international business. That is, we need to analyze the cultural, political, legal, and economic system of the country. Then, we need to assess the suitability of the country as a Market.II. CULTURAL ANALYSISB. Values and AttitudesValues are important to business because they affect