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According to the definition provided by the academia education web portal, human resource management has replaced personnel management over the time period and it consist of various strategies, policies and processes. International Human Resource Management (IHRM) is a “Process of employing, developing and rewarding people in international or global organizations”.
Types of organizations
While concentrating on the IHRM in the vast developing economic nature, it is highly important to know the difference about the various types of organizations. The global companies are the ones which present in many countries by investing, and in the same time they market their products through ...view middle of the document...

In the IHRM culture can have a great influence on country’s law and also on what people value. People value may simultaneously affect the economic systems that will result on various types of businesses.
Education and skill level
When dealing with IHRM we have to concentrate on the peoples’ education and skill levels. The education systems are varying from one country to another, as an example, high income country may spend greater proportion of investment on education but the children from the developing countries may not acquire adequate education and skill levels due to the unstabilized economic conditions and due to volatile nature of the society, such as diseases and war conditions.
Legal and political factors
There should be a stabilized legal system in the country and the business contractors may find difficulty in practicing the human resource management due to the internal political factors. In almost every country the laws applicable to the employment discrimination and sexual harassment is same, but in some instances the due to the religious and ethical differences employment discrimination may be an accepted practice (What is human resource web portal).
Domestic versus international HRM
We can highlight few important differences among the IHRM and the domestic HRM. According to what is human resource web portal IHRM addresses some extra activities than domestic HRM such as; international taxation, factors related to foreign currencies and exchange rates and advanced orientation activities for the internationally recruited new employees. The domestic HR managers have to deal with the employees in one nationality while the managers in IHRM have to deal with the employees belongs to more than one nationality and they have to set up different HR programmes in order to comply and resolve the issues arise. Also the IHRM have to deal with more external factor such as; government regulations, local code of conducts, influence of local religious groups etc.
International staffing
Sourcing employees (expatriates, host country nationals, third country nationals)
When sourcing the employees, usually it is acceptable to recruit and appoint a home country national to lead the foreign established subsidiary. This will help us to incorporate the parent company’s corporate culture in the subsidiary. The expatriates may find difficult to cope up with the culture of the foreign country to there should be an appropriate mechanism to resolve the related issues. This can be eliminated by appointing host country executive together with the home country executive to support each other, which are originated from different countries and cultures (Geocities web portal).
According to the business directory recruitment can be defined as, the process of finding and hiring the qualified candidate for a vacant job position and the recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting employees, screening and selecting and...

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