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International Market/Product Profile For Ornamental Fish In Japan: Analysis And Recommendation For The Producer/Exporter.

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Contents1.0 INTRODUCTION2.0 THE PRODUCT3.0 FOREIGN MARKET DEMAND4.0 MAIN COMPETITORS5.0 CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION6.0 THE FOREIGN MARKET7.0 TRADE EXPERIENCES BETWEEN PRODUCT COUNTRY OF ORIGINAND FOREIGN MARKET8.0 CONCLUSIONS9.0 RECOMMENDATIONS10.0 REFERENCES1.0 Introduction1.1 PurposeThe purpose of this project is to analyze the international market (Japan) that is of interest to the producer and exporter of ornamental fish. Specific recommendation for the producer/exporter of ornamental fish will be discussed after the analysis of the international market and product profile.1.2 Brief Description of Ornamental FishOrnamental fish keeping is emerging as one of the most popular hobbies in the world today, resulting in a steady increase in ornamental fish trade globally. In Asia, the most popular type of ornamental fish is called the Asian Arowana. Asian Arowana are long, sleek, streamlined fish with great color such as green, red, redtail golden and blue. This species reaches a length of about 30 inches. The Asian Arowana's huge size, gold and red large scales, bold expression, noble air and elegant movement make it a favorite among hobbyists worldwide. Many Asians believe that Asian Arowana bring them good luck and fortune ("feng shui").1.3 Methods of Collecting InformationInternational market and product profile information will be collected based on secondary data. For example, the Central Intelligence Agency publishes the World Factbook, a comprehensive source for general country data. Internet, journals, magazines and newspaper articles on ornamental fish industry will also be used.2.0 The Product - Asian Arowana (commonly known as 'Dragon Fish' in Singapore)Ornamental fish originated from Singapore with the brilliant colors, multiple species, varieties and unique features are well known in the international market.Ornamental fish hobbyist's favorite fish from Singapore is called the 'Dragon Fish' (see photograph below). The Dragon Fish are bred under controlled environment where thechemical composition of the feed, water and pH levels is being monitored closely.The breeding, farming and export of ornamental fish is a knowledge-based industry. The ability to meet the customer's needs for high quality fish is a critical factor, since ornamental fish must not only be pretty to look at but also robust enough to withstand long air transportation.Dragon Fish, being a protected species, can only be traded by permit. The "feng shui" reason mentioned above, along with the beauty and intrigue of the Dragon Fish, results in many Asians being willing to pay nearly any price for a Dragon Fish. Each could fetch up to US$50k at retail. Dragon fish typically has a life span of up to 25 years. Singapore Dragon Fish bound for the overseas market are packed and handled with great care to ensure high survival rate during transportation.Asia contributes more than 50% of the world supply of ornamental fish. Singapore is a major player in the world ornamental fish...

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