International Marketing Plan Mission Statement And Objectives

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Air quality across the globe is failing. Pollution from both indoor and outdoor sources has caused growing concern among consumers. Just in their homes, peopleare exposed to countless types of vapor, mold, yeast, chemicals, and bacteria. In many countries, like Japan, high population density leads to increased pollution and decreased air quality both indoors and outdoors. Air Oasis can offer Japan a very high-tech, energy efficient solution to its citizen's indoor pollution problems.Mission StatementAir Oasis is committed to manufacturing and distributing the most technologically advanced air filtration systems to protect individuals from harmful indoor pollutants. We will treat customers with respect and appreciation, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because we hope to keep our customers satisfied for a lifetime. Ongoing research and development is our company goal; we will continue to innovate and advance ozone technology to meet the changing needs of our customers, both domestic and international as well. We will measure success by our ability to meet and exceed our customers' expectations of price, service, and quality.Air Oasis is based in Amarillo, Texas. All units are designed, built, and distributed from this location using state of the art technology, assembled and fabricated to guarantee quality in production.High Tech Air Purifiers use technology not available in conventional air purifiers. Each unit sends high amounts of safe but highly aggressive oxidizers to all corners of a home or office, killing molds, bacteria and yeast. Customers suffering from sinus infections or allergies will find relief from symptoms when these harmful particles are removed from their living environment. The air people breathe in their homes contains more pollutants than any other place they frequent. Along with molds, bacteria and yeast, people are exposed to vapors from carpet and glues used in manufacturing, cigarette smoke, insecticide sprays, cleaning agents and pet dander, to name a few.Each free standing Air Oasis Unit is lightweight, quiet, and convenient to use. The units are available in different sizes and price ranges depending on the need of the customer.•Contemporary Design•Low power consumption (37 watts)•Small footprint (4" x 4")•High Performance•Large Treatment Area (up to 3000 sq. ft.)•No Maintenance for a full 3 years•Kills Bacteria•Eliminate Odors•Suppressing viruses•Well tolerated by asthma patients(High Tech Air Purifiers, 2010)Japan's NeedJapan is a densely populated country with a growing population amidst serious space confinements. Reported by the World Bank, in 2008 Japan's census was almost 130 million people, in an area just under 146 thousand square miles; in comparison, the United States is just over 3.7 million square miles with a population just over 300 million. So many people living in such close quarters equates to higher levels of pollution and an overall...

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