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International Marketing For Elais Essay

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1. INTRODUCTIONELAIS is today the largest company in the oil the fat producing sector and a model of its kind for the Greek food industry. During its more than 75 years of operation, it has made a substantial contribution to the country's economic development, primarily by making full use and standardizing the domestic olive oil production.ELAIS has a large number of employees and invests heavily for the continuous quality improvement of its products. It also makes a daily contribution to the diet of the Greek family, by manufacturing and packaging its products, in accordance with up-to-date nutritional regulations.A member of the Unilever Group, ELAIS successfully combines its Greek identity with the elements of a contemporary European company, projecting the image of a company with an impressive know-how, a strong distribution network and modern marketing techniques.Its aspiration is to be the best company in Greece, by constantly improving and increasing the range of its products and the services it provides, to the total satisfaction of its clients and suppliers.Vision: To be the most effective company in Europe, in our field of operations, insuring profitable growth and aiming at fully satisfying the needs of our customers, employees, consumers and shareholders.Mission: Profitable growth and continuous improvement in our performance, in accordance with the standards set by Unilever, and the dynamic development of our business environment.2. HISTORYELAIS was established in 1920 under the NAME 'Aristotelis Makris & Company' on the same site in Neo Faliro, as it is today. It became a Societe Anonyme in 1932 under the name of ELAIS, at the same time increasing its share capital. The company began its operations with only two hydraulic presses by way of processing machinery, which were used to press out the seeds, and with philosophy to which it still faithfully adheres today: respect for the consumer, the state and the worker.With the out-break of the Second World War, the Company's successful performance record was not merely interrupted, it was completely destroyed. Between 1946 and 1947 the enterprise was rebuilt, using private capital and had very soon made enormous progress. It was during this period that two of its most familiar olive oil products, Fytini and Vitam, were introduced and quickly established their place in the market.In 1962 ELAIS embarked on its collaboration with Unilever, the world's leading producer of pre-packaged oils and fats and one of the 20 biggest consortiums in the world. In 1976, with the consent of the Greek shareholders, Unilever took over the management of ELAIS, with 51% of the share capital. The Company's dynamic presence in the sector of food manufacture was to provide the spark for Unilever to entrust in ELAIS the representation and distribution in Greece, of products made by its subsidiary companies, which had already acquired an international reputation.With the provision of a service to the consumer...

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