International Marketing Strategy: A Tgi Business Case For Cameroon

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TGIBrief Description of TGITGI (Target Group Index) is a fast-growing, global network of single-source market research company. They provide invaluable, comparable product, brand, media, attitudinal and demographic data for 57 countries across 6 continents. TGI was first started in Great Britain in 1969 to provide the advertising and media industries with a means of describing target groups for the broad spectrum of consumer goods and services. Importantly it also allows the identification of potential strategies for communicating with these audiences. Today, TGI is used more widely than ever to assist the understanding of target markets and to aid marketing and advertising decisions.TGI is designed as a broad and rich measure of consumers. Each country's data is provided in database form and contains information on all aspects of the given universe: media consumption, product consumption, attitudes, behaviour and demographics. All studies follow standardised guidelines and formats but with the flexibility to fully reflect local market needs and characteristics.TGI gives you information on readership of all newspapers and magazines, as well as reading of sections and topics of interest; viewing of terrestrial and satellite, cable, digital TV; national, regional and local radio listening exposure to, and recall of outdoor advertising; attitudinal information across the spheres of media, health, holidays, food, drink and finance; data covering thousands of brands across several hundred product categories. All in all, TGI offers clients a very flexible, and ultimately indispensable, marketing research tool.The TGI Network is operated by KMR Group. Kantar Media Research Group (KMR Group) is an integrated international research, information and software group.TGI recently expanded into East Africa; including Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. It also has a major presence in South Africa, USA, Canada, and Europe at large.TGI GEOGRAPHIC SPREADNorth America:Source: TGICanadaUnited StatesLatin America:Source: TGIArgentinaBrazilColumbiaEcuadorMexicoPeruPuerto RicoVenezuelaEurope:Source: TGIGermanyGreat BritainGreeceHungaryItalyNorthern IrelandNorwayPolandRep of IrelandRomaniaRussiaSerbiaSlovak RepublicSloveniaSpainSwedenTurkeyUkraineAustralasia:Source: TGIAustraliaNew ZealandMiddle East and Africa:Source: TGIIranIsraelKenyaKuwaitLebanonSaudi ArabiaSouth AfricaTanzaniaUgandaUnited Arab EmiratesIn a recent press release (September 2004) TGI International Director Paul Dickinson confirmed TGI expansion into East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Kenya) is their most recent thread of global marketing. By visual analysis, TGI is virtually absent in North and West Africa region. A possible answer would be language barrier; west of Africa is dominated by French speaking nations, while North Africa is Muslim dominated with a closed society (Doole and Lowe 2004).MACRO ANALYSISMapping out Possible Markets of EntryNorth Africao Egypto Moroccoo Algeriao Nigero Libyao Sudano...

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