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International Pollution Essay

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Pollution is a problem in many countries not just the country you live in. We may take what we have for granted now, but what would happen if our planet got so bad because of the pollutants we put into the atmosphere that we couldn’t live here anymore. Even though you can't tell people what to do, pollution is terrible but unavoidable problem in a modern economy because we never know what we might be doing causing, for all we know we could be creating a cycle that is uncontrollable and the only way to stop it would be to take extra precautions.

Pollution is all around us yet we continue to ignore it. Many problems are associated with pollution and we need to stop them. Climate-adaption ...view middle of the document...

“Political action can also ultimately reduce the number of food-borne and environmental toxins that not only hurt the planet but also damaged our health” (“Rosenbaum”). If the government would step in we might not have as many problems as we do now.

There are many other things we could do like some of the small things such as, recycling, and installing energy efficient lighting to some of the big things like getting a solar panel for your house or buying a hybrid car. According to “Rosenbaum” though installing thing such as a bamboo flooring and solar panel arrays can be time consuming and and costly, there are multiple ways we can change our homes that are good for us and our environment (2). Many of the things that we could change within our lives could impact our environment greatly in a positive way.

pollution is all around us yet some of us continue to ignore the fact that it exists. The government should crack down on pollution and in some cases they have done just that. In fact “The DWEA has laid criminal charges against the owners of a trailing dam that overflowed and caused extensive pollution of the Selati and Olifants rivers in Limpopo” (“Mining Company”). The government doesn’t always help but when it does it tries to do the best it can to make sure those people who pollute the environment get punished.

We hear about many types of pollution in the news, but some of the most major cases are about oil spills. Oil spills are so dangerous because they pollute the water and harm the wildlife may live near or on the water. The commissioner Of Environment by the name of Tunji Bello stated, "We recollect that successive administrations in the state has drawn the attention of the Federal Government to concomitant of hazards being experienced by residents of Baruwa- Ipaja, Ilado, Amuwo-Odofin, Ejigbo among others through polluted boreholes, contamination of underground water, ruptured pipelines and seepage of pipelines. Yet, no visible action has regrettably been taken till date by respective agencies of the Federal Government" (qtd in “Oil Polution ”). The government has started...

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