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International Relation Essay

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In our society, there are a lot of systems for us to choose to follow, such as liberalism, realism and historical materialism. However, every of them has their dark sides and attractive parts. In my essay, it is divided into mainly three parts. Firstly, each part I will briefly introduce the basic concepts to you and the following I will analyze the drawbacks of them. At last, I will discuss with you the attractive parts of these three perspectives.

Liberalism as a political and moral philosophy, which is focused on two major principles. They are individualism and liberty. Firstly, liberalism set the individuals at the core of society. They believe that the ...view middle of the document...

” (Theodore H. Cohn, 2000) I believed that free trade can solve many things, however, it also will produce inequality. Fortunately, the non-government organization and treaties such as WTO and General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) may greatly help to solve those problems by setting on a reciprocal and mutually advantageous basis.

One advantage of liberalism is that liberals seek and set up a constitutional order that put individual freedoms as first priority. Taking the freedom of speech, an independent judiciary and public trial by jury as the examples. The citizens can have high degree of freedom and it is also a pillar in a civilized society. It provides a fair and free market. Therefore, I prefer the liberalism in economic aspects.

In the economic aspect, all trade barriers would no longer be present, leading to cheaper rates on goods. It is because the liberal economists promote the concept of free market with little government involvement. In addition, they emphasis that the individuals must be protected from the collectives, for example, labor unions, churches and non-profit organizations. “Liberals consider aggregate measure of economic performance such as the growth of GDP, trade, foreign investment, and per capita income as more important than relative gains among states.” (Theodore H. Cohn, 2000) This is the most attractive place in economic liberalism, it pushes the economic growth perform well and let the states to develop rapidly.

During the postwar period, the America government wanted to maintain the economic stability and world peace. The states agreed to collaborate closely in order to maintain their currencies by fixing exchange rates between countries. The aim was to enforce the international trade relationship among states. This was also the pillar of US free trade behavior in postwar period.

Maintaining a balance of trade with constant exchange rates that would be favorable to the capitalist system. Therefore, the market preferred to the U.S. vision in international economic during post-war period. This was the milestone of designing an effective international monetary system and eliminating the trade and capital flow barriers.

Because of this historical event, the free market became opened more. The main reason that I favor liberal economy, as a consumer, I can benefit from lower prices in free market. Since the investors need to reduce their prices in order to enhance competitive. Beside, a larger variety of goods can be imported as the tariffs are abolished. The high quality foreign goods are imported in our countries, from the Japanese snacks to the Germany machines.

Realism is usually contrasted with idealism or liberalism, which tends to emphasize self-interest. Realists assume that the states are the principal actors in the international relation field, which are concerned about their own security. This approach is state-centric. On the other hands, the realists...

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