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International Relations: Beirut, Lebano And The Us

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“Beirut wasn’t sensible and it never did serve a purpose. It was goofy from the beginning.” (Gen. Colin Powell) That quote summarizes the United States time spent in beirut, Lebanon. Lebanon was not a country of prevailation at the time of the United States arrival. The entire country was ruled by regional militias and was overrun by its public. America, France, and Britain all arrived to help Lebanese government take control of their own country again. All of these 3 world superpowers were there after the PLO pulled out of Lebanon, and these superpowers were
known as an alliance called Multinational Force in Lebanon (MNF). Lebanon was not a country of relief but a country of stress and despair. This country needed help and it was authorized by the UN and President Ronald Reagan for other countries to aid one in need.
“It was the deadliest single day for the U.S. Marine Corps. since the battle of ...view middle of the document...

” (Jim Michaels)
Just like any other Country, nobody had expected such an event to happen to a country only there for peacekeeping and the purpose of resetting order. Obviously, America had intentions, thoughts, and theories about why this happened and of course who did it. Sooner or later “Western Authorities had learned that the bombing was the work of Hezbollah militants acting under iranian direction.” (Jim Michaels) With the theory of the militants planning another attack, MNF resources saying that Al-Qaeda leaders have cited the bombing as an example of how to succeed against western powers. With the information of that informative statement, MNF had also detected that Syrian government was suspected. (CNN Library) Why would Siberia be involved?
Siberia was involved after Ronald Reagan pledging and lying about ordering withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Lebanon. After that, upon request of Lebanon, Reagan was offered to go back to Lebanon because Lebanon had wanted authorization for the MNF to help regain control of Lebanon. The UN had authorized Reagan to deploy 1800, because Reagan had seen it as a limited time mission. (Micah Zenko) We’re still wondering, what made Reagan redeploy marines into Lebanon? Well, what brought them back was the assassination of Lebanese President Bachir Gemayel, the massacre of refugees, and regional chaos.
So, we still ask, what was our reasons of a long stay in Lebanon? This is all answered simply by the fact that America has a dominant, big daddy, eyes on ego ever since we were colonized. This ego has led to many successes and very few failures. sadly, this attack being a failure. There were claims on U.S. Marine officers claiming that they did not take proper steps to protect the barracks against terrorists attacks. (CNN Library) Obviously, since that tragic attack, as an international network with advancements in technology, we have have changed pour security and improved it with the privileges of having such high tech hardware and software to keep not only America safe, but other countries as well.

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