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International Relations Essay

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India: a land of high human capital, rich culture and a growing economy. Yet, is it, as the topic claims, a growing super power? It is this papers firm belief that India is a rising super power, and will, in a few short years, surpass the USA and China. In this essay, I will explore the relevance of the above statement and evaluate how valid it is. This essays main argument is centred on the society and economy of India.
India’s economy is growing strong and at an extremely rapid pace. However, it is still a developing country, because of the poverty scattered about the country. 11.8% of all people in India fall below the international poverty line of US$ 1.25 per day. This is as indicated below.

As shown on the map, we can see a heavy level of poverty in the North and North West. This is further affirmed by one of the poorest provinces in India, Bihar, being situated on the boarder of Nepal in the north. 81.4% of the population in this province is critically poor.
However, we are also seeing a strong middle class of educated workers. In fact, the middle class of India is of equal size to the whole population of the United States (250 million by 2015). But how can this be so, with so many of their population living under the poverty line?
A mixture of speedy urbanisation and a growing work force may provide answers to the rapidly growing economy and middle class. Half of India’s population are under 25, and an approximate 12-15 million workers is added to its labour sector every year. The people who live in poverty are being employed, which leads to more middle class and a more educated society. This of course supplements the growing economy, and in turn, boosts India on its way to becoming a super power.
In summary, the human capital is playing an avid role in the rise of India. The poor are being employed and educated, then the middle class expands and more people receive specialist training and opportunities to go onto higher education (University ect.). This is plain to see in the facts in figures.
When we look at any westernised society, we see what an influence media has on our lives and opinions. In fact, media influences us in pretty much everything. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear and from the phone we use to the type of house we own. But to what extent do we see this in countries like India? And how would, to the eye, it seem like such a trivial thing as the television we watch compound into helping India achieve a rank in the realm of the world super powers?
As humans, we can be quite easily influenced: when celebrities suggest a product in an add, you barely notice that compelling feeling that eventually convinces you to buy the product endorsed. We can take this example and understand why India, as a nation, is in fact compelled to stand equal with other global super powers. A steady feed of westernised culture has been fed to India, and now the nations strives to be seen the same.
Quite on the contrary...

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