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International Relations Of The Israeli Palestinian Conflict

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The Isreali-Palestine Conflict has been present for many years and dates back to when there was British dominance in the region. One of the most prominent issues is the matter of resources, such as oil and water present in the state. Another source of conflict is the support of Israel from the Western countries, like the United States during the Gaza Strip conflict, which creates an imbalance of power between Israel and Palestine. The idea of power is a very important aspect to this conflict, because it is an issue of yearning for economic and political power, as well as social power, which is perhaps why the United States is involved, because it would make sense for them to desire an influence over the country that has oil as a main resource.
Realism is the viewpoint of individuals as primarily fearful, selfish and power seeking, (Mingst 1947). From the realist point of view, power is based on aggressiveness of the state to impose fear into other nations and the attainment of power of arms. This supports the paradoxical idea that most countries revert to war as a main method to create peace and security. Based on this supporting argument, Israel and Palestine both went to war as a movement toward peace, security, and authority.
The neorealist perspective depicts the state's focus on their own needs and self-interest in the international system, similar to the way that consumers and producers do in the economic system. Kenneth Waltz believed that the state is constrained in a state of anarchy. This causes states to rely on a balance of power for survival and security. He also suggests a uni-polar (hegemonic), bi-polar, or multi-polar (balance of power) system to have peace and security in the international communities. Since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is due to a struggle for a balance of power, the international community should create a sovereign power, like a nongovernmental organization, to impose power that addresses the problems of both sides. An organization like this would be able to influence the states without hurting either sovereignty.
One of Israel's main supporters of their security, is the United States. Many may view the United States as a hegemonic power in the world, so having them as an ally increases Israel's security. The United States has been a firm supporter of Israel over the years, a partner that compares in power does not exist on the side of Palestine. The Palestinian side has its main support from the European Union. However, Israel and Palestine both consider themselves isolated from the world and victims of each other. Israel on the other hand, has a stronger military power and more natural resources and is a more highly developed country.
The most influential domestic actors for the Palestinian's are the Fatah, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, and the Islamic Djihad. There is a clear political difference of the two sides, where Israel is a parliamentary democracy, and Palestine,...

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