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Nafisat Isa
Good morning: I’m Nafisat Isa reporting to you from the new station of WELC TV News at 10 on the campus of South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina.
It’s a beautiful and sunny day here in Orangeburg with temperatures expecting to reach a high of 52 degrees. Jack Bean will bring you more on the weather during our weather forecast.
In the state and local news, the vote to sack SC board that approved the rate hikes for failed nuke project on hold, on the national scene Trump breaks silence and denounces domestic violence, and in the news around the world Netanyahu calls corruption case “full of holes”.
In State and local news
The South Carolina state house has decided to fire members of the state commission that approved nine rate hikes for the failed V.C summer expansion program. The debate on the bill was filled by state Rep. Peter McCoy, R-Charleston. The lawmakers have tried to replace the state’s Public service commission board that approves or reject hikes. If the legislature does sack the commission, the lawmakers will have to answer to the proposal by cutting or refunding the SCE&G nuclear...

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