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International Students And Work Restrictions Essay

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Nowadays, international students need spend at least $12,000 per year on their daily life in Australia. Moreover, in consideration of student’s lifestyle and place of study, this estimate might be even higher. Therefore, government allows students to take a maximum of 20 hours part-time work per week in order to get living subsidies. Some people claim that these working hours is a drop in the bucket for students who faced with economy pressure. However, these people ignored the enormous study pressure on international students. Students must work in a time restriction because, firstly, students need many study time, especially for international students. Furthermore, physical problems will be happened which are of great fundamental to a modern man.

The main dispute against to maintain the current limitation for international students part-working time state that, study abroad means spend much more money than study in their own country, and it might cause tight budgets for international students. Especially if the international students come from a developing country into a developed country, the costs will be much higher than their own country. As a result, they need more time to do part-time work in order to afford the study cost. Under these circumstances, some students might choose illegal work which does not need to count into student’s limit part-working times. However, those jobs pay much cheaper wages for international students, even have not any guarantee. To sum up, cancel the time restriction is essential for international students’ economic purposes.

Take economic reasons into account, some reasons support to allow more time for part-time job to solve the international student’s economic problem. In contrast, the main goal for all of the international students who are studying abroad is acquired knowledge.

Initially, due to English is a foreign...

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