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International Students In Higher Education: How To Cope?

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Having international students attending higher education here in the United States can be very beneficial not only for the college or university but also for the other students that attend the school. International students help bring diversity to campus life. These students also help to bring different and fresh perspectives to the classroom. Another benefit of having international students attend higher education here in the United States is that it helps to increase people’s tolerance, understanding and appreciation of different countries and cultures from around the world (Crowson, 2010, p. 413). International students may have a difficult time adjusting to the college or university when ...view middle of the document...

One problem that a graduate international student may face is that university housing usually does not include family housing. If a graduate student is coming over to school and they have a family, the graduate student is forced to live off campus because the college or university is not able to accommodate them. This might negatively affect their academic performance because of their greater time constraints in having to find housing for their entire family as well as themselves. It would be beneficially to these students if the university was able to help provide these students with information about housing options that were within walking distance of campus (Poyrazli & Grahame, 2006, p. 40). Even if an international student is able to live on or off campus they still may have difficulty in finding household items that they will need in order to live in a residence hall or apartment. Since international students have to pay out of state tuition, which can be very costly for these students, the student may not have extra funds in order to help them get the household items that they need. International students can only bring so much with them when they come to the college or university so if they do not have extra funds to buy household items for when they move into their new home they can be out of luck. A...

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